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david.hopcroft 14th June 2019 19:13

Panasonic TZ20
When I try to download pictures direct from the Card to my PC, Windows advises I must format the card. Windows is unable to do this, and so far, I cannot find anything in the TZ20 setup menu that will format. The manual is very unhelpful. Any ideas please ?


Foca 14th June 2019 19:20

Are you using Windows 7?

Foca 14th June 2019 19:35

I had the same problem a while back,check this helpful article out:

david.hopcroft 15th June 2019 11:42

Yes, Foca, am using Win10 plus updates. Windows tries, but fails to format drive E, and there is nothing in the TZ20 manual that is helpful. I should have said though, that if I connect the camera to PC, selct PC on the camera, then windows will download the photos ok

Will try that link.



Foca 15th June 2019 15:40

Dmc tz25
Hi David
I have the TZ25 which I have had for ages with no problem, then all of a sudden it wanted to format my SD card, I thought it was my Windows 7, but I had the same problem with the SD card on my Think Ware dash cam sd card, but after using that format utility everything seems fine. But when I format SD cards now I do the full format instead of the quick one.
Used the TZ25 at my Granddaughters wedding recently and everyone was amazed at the prints that I sent out...excellent camera, I was thinking of upgrading but this one is good enough for what I want.I have the FZ38 lovely camera but a bit bulky to carry around. I everything works out for you.
Regards Lloyd

Kalidor 24th June 2019 13:46

Format DMC-TZ20
In playback mode go to Setup, scroll down and you will see Format.
This is only available in Playback mode not picture taking mode.
Hope this helps.

david.hopcroft 25th June 2019 12:08

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Kalidor - Thanks for the info.

I usually keep my TZ20 on the IA - Intelligent Auto - setting. In IA mode, the Menu Set, Set Up does not include Format. I have just discovered that if I go to the P or MS1 selections and click on Menu Set, there are more Setup options which do include Format. So all is finally solved.

Many Thanks for the help.

The attached is all the book says about Format.

Ullole 24th October 2019 11:41


Originally Posted by Foca (Post 2987415)
I had the same problem a while back,check this helpful article out:

This is really useful article, thank you for sharing! I had the same problem of converting formats and was stuck with it. The thing is that I wanted to download photos from our family vacation in this rural property for sale in czech republic as we had some good time time.

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