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firey 16th December 2005 13:29

Anybody out there from CP ships
I sereved on the following ships in the early 80's.

Fort Coulonge,Fort Steele, Fort Edmonton, Forty Hamilton,Dart Atlantica and CP Ambassador.

Sadly conditions changed,shoreside was more appealing and along came the kids.

CP still a big company but now mainly with foreign officers and crew, still sponser British cadets but don't expect a job at the end.
How things have changed.Progress? see thread for CP Valour. You only reap what you sow. I'm disappointed CP but am I jumping the gun it may have been an unavoidable accident? (Cloud)


mcook 16th December 2005 14:51

Hi Firey,

I sailed with CP from 83-86 as an RO.
Was on the Fort Providence, Fort Revolution, WM Neal, WC Van Horne,
Fort Calgary, Fort Kipp and RA Emerson.

It was a fairly good company to work for and the ship's were fine. Having
said that, some bright spark in the 'office' decided that the company could
save lots of money by not doing any deck maintenance. He was correct in
a sense, but after a year of deteriorating ships, a prospective charterer paid
a visit to some CP vessel he was going to use, and after one look said 'I am not
going to send my cargo on a rust heap like that!!"

This resulted in CP spending vast amounts of money to bring all the ships back up
to standard again.

The fate of the instigator of the no-maintenance policy is unknown, but he is
most likely a senior board member by now!



tetura 22nd April 2008 05:40

Hello Firey, I sailed with CP from 82 till 84 as an AB. Sailling on the Fort Garry, G.A. Walker(during the Falklands),Fort Rouge and the Dart Atllantica. It was alright to start with but after two years I,d had enough and I jumped ship in Singapore. " Nice flight home " !!! REGARDS Trevor.

Les Gibson 26th April 2008 22:42

Hi Guys,
With CP from 1968 to 1978. Sailed on the 'Beaverboats' and the forest product carriers. Was fortunate enough to stand by new buildings in Japan from 1972 'til 1977, but did maiden voyage on I.D. Sinclair in early 74. Great memories of a really good company with super ships and blokes. And yes I have also been in companies with rubbish ships and blokes!

jonjeff 21st May 2008 09:30

Hi Les, I was with you on the maiden voyage of the Sinclair as well ,probably as 4th Eng at that time. I paid off in some godforsaken place in Brazil. Age dims the memories a little! Keep in touch. Jon Jeffrey

Keltic Star 22nd May 2008 06:02


Originally Posted by firey (Post 25982)

CP still a big company but now mainly with foreign officers and crew,


Point taken Firey but what does the "C" in CP ships denote? Haven't seen one with a Maple Leaf on the stern for decades.

mikeg 22nd May 2008 16:56


Originally Posted by Keltic Star (Post 218383)
Point taken Firey but what does the "C" in CP ships denote? Haven't seen one with a Maple Leaf on the stern for decades.

CP =Comedian Pathetic (==D) running for cover(EEK)

GEORDIE LAD 22nd May 2008 19:45

If I remember correctly,CP Ships is now Chinese owned...Doug

John Ringrose 28th May 2008 09:25

Bob Clay
I did my MED in Southampton with a guy who then sailed with CP ships. Bob Clay.

Madman - wouldn't mind finding him again

sailingday 3rd June 2008 16:46

Sailed on the Empresses, Scotland, France and Britain as a 1/c and tourist waiter during the 50's

BobClay 16th June 2008 16:15

Worked for CP from 76 to 86 as a sparky. GA Walker, WA Mather, WC VanHorne, EWBeatty, Fort Assiniboine/Garry/Rouge, IDSInclair, Port Hawkesbury and others. Only just recovered from the hangover.


mikeg 16th June 2008 16:19

Sailed on the Port Hawkesbury as R/O in 71

DAVE F 17th June 2008 17:24

I was on the CP Trader,voyager and Discoverer .... The Fort Garry I was dismissed from this vessel , as the Captain put it, Over Tank Cleaning {the not doing of} Oh how I loved that job .............

mikeg 17th June 2008 17:46

Almost forgot, sailed on CP Voyager in '72 with my wife. Officers put a swear-box in the bar (my wife was the only women onboard). Proceeds of which bought a large hi-fi for the Officers bar

wood butcher 14th December 2010 20:32

Hi Dave do you remember Joe Dujmovic?, he was Bosun on the Discoverer,i sailed with him on the Beaverfir in the 60s.

markg 12th June 2011 14:12

spent a short period on Fort Hamilton in 1980/81, seems good memories now must have forgotten the bad bits (Thumb)

albatross1 11th October 2011 17:44

I was with CP 1973 - 1986 on a lot of their classy vessels G.A. Walker Argies missed it, CP ambassador refused to sink, ID Sinclair ,Fort St John, TG Shaughnessy, Forts Kamloops & Yale and various others that I cannot remember. I left when they flagged the fleet out but still have generally good memories bad ones gone. Well most. still in touch with some guys from these days but memory for names is rubbish

R396040 11th October 2011 19:59

I was P/CS on the Lord Strathcona Dec 1972 /73 Spanish crew.and British of
officers. who were a good crowd.
Stuart H

pensioner 11th October 2011 21:29

Were you on the Ambassador when she decided to take on water in the Engine Room, half way across the Atlantic, I was on her as Lecky. Gamblin was O/M.

albatross1 11th October 2011 22:28

No I missed that one,Brown and Gaunt were the Captains on there for most of the time I was there, we did flood the steering gear got pooped and hatch was open exciting with a full load of containers and a howling gale,I was on there also when we lost most of the containers over the side in a storm lots of bikes ,pencils and crash helmets which made good decoration for the foremast it was Christmas. (Jester)

john234 13th April 2012 09:29

hello i was on the vovager 1980 donkyman .captain was hooly good bloke a nutter took us to see rockall.then the GA Walker down the falklands ,where i met my brother welsh guards..(Applause)

mmurray 15th April 2012 22:14

Hi folks,
Was 2nd mate with CP from 1983 to 1987, did trips on, Fort Calgary, Fort Nelson, GA Walker, RA Emerson,WC Van Horne, Dart Atlantica, Dart Americana and CP Ambassador - think thats the lot. Been ashore since the Ambassador went, still waiting for the call to go back. Have very fond memories of my time on the bulkers and container ships, also have memories of the tankers - which probably help me in remaining ashore.

Michael Taylor 16th April 2012 13:13

I sailed on the Strathcona,W.M.Neal,D.C.Coleman and both the Fort Calgary and Nelson, starting April 74 as Ch. Off and signing off the Calgary as Master, December 76

Woodbutcher 18th April 2012 12:51

1st Trip Chippie.
Does anyone remember Captain Bill Williams?.I was straight out of my apprenticeship,and joined the Beaverelm as Carpenter in December 1962,it was i believe his first command after being on the Empresses.I was greener than green having to find things out for myself,albeit with a little help from the Shoregang Carpenters before we sailed.One day the Mate tells me that the Captains toilet has stopped flushing,and to sort it out.Well,not knowing the first thing about plumbing,it sort of threw me a bit ,but what can you do when everyone thinks that you know what you are doing?.So up i go to the holy of holys,and has a look,anyway i got the water turned off for that part of the ship,took it apart, a bit of grease, and put it back together,water back on,.. and tested it,and much to my suprise it worked perfectly.Later on that evening a case of Red Barrel was delivered to my cabin complements of the Captain.I must say that it was a big boost to a 21 year old 1st trip Chippie.

Erimus 19th April 2012 09:17

I was agent for Fort Victoria in Immingham when she was in port for a month loading pipes,then we had a dock strike,and then a delay whilst the whole of the crew,not officers, were swapped for a different nationality........great stress then.

Most memorable thing was she carried female cadets,both deck and engine,which livened up things aboard.................this must have been 1978/79 before I returned to the Tees.


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