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coronatus242 11th September 2019 00:50

yacht La Belle Simone
Now named Lady Sarya.

Please help!

Has anyone ever seen or does anyone know of a deck plan/general arrangement of the famous yacht named La Belle Simone?

She was built in Italy at Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in 1972. Back then she was built for and owned by William Levitt of Levittown fame.
Now she is named Lady Sarya.

Any help is very appreciated!!!


Frank P 11th September 2019 08:22

Welcome onboard, I can't help with your search for the plans....

I had never heard of William Levitt but a search on the net revealed an interesting man, and his housing project.

Part of his story is contained in his obituary.........

Cheers Frank

coronatus242 11th September 2019 13:15


Thanks for replying.

Yes, he was definitely a colorful character. His yacht was quite exceptional at the time. I just wish there were more images of her interior from the era.


shipmate17 11th September 2019 13:38

La Belle Simone
If you google the name, gives quite a bit of info on her.

coronatus242 12th September 2019 13:40

Yes of course, thank you. That's where I started.
Have you seen any plans?

Thanks again

woodinsight 9th October 2019 20:45

Hi Coronatus,
I'll check my archives and post a reply if I have some plans/layout

jg grant 9th October 2019 20:58

Hi Coronatus 242 and welcome to the site. Have you contacted the builders in Italy? Good luck.

coronatus242 11th October 2019 15:20

That would be so awesome woodinsight!! I've looked for years and can't find anything. She's always been one of my favorites.....

If you want, you can email them to me. [email protected]

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