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Dave Haxell 9th January 2016 22:25

Ascot Shipping Co Ltd
I am trying to find out the history of the Ascot shipping Co Ltd. which was also known as the Aviation Shipping Company and possibly managed by N.W Purvis. I know in the 1950's they had some war time ships and also had an ex Hain Nourse ship. All started with the prefix Avis***** such as Avisbank, Avisglen & Avistone but I cant find anything about the company. Can anybody help?

ted nutt 10th January 2016 12:53

Operated out of Fenton House, 112 Fenchurch Street, E.C. 3. Also managed ships under Tavistock Shipping Co.

Erimus 10th January 2016 13:03

We at BISC(ore) Ltd; had Avisvale and I think Avisfaith on charter in late 50's, the Avisvale came off charter on the Tees about 1961-62 and on handover we found about 200 tons of iron ore in her bilges.
Yes Purvis Shipping were Managers...Mr Pond (or was it Mr Poole?) I seem to remember.


A.D.FROST 10th January 2016 14:32

2 Attachment(s)
(from Shipping Today and Yesterday)also managed two bulk carriers ALEXANTER T.WOOD and AVERY C.ADAMS
Attachment 126050Attachment 126058

Dave Haxell 10th January 2016 20:38

Brilliant, thank you all for replying. I know have my questions answered. I did not know about the bulk carriers so will now spend the next few evenings trying to find photos and information about them. Cheers and thanks once again.

ted nutt 10th January 2016 22:20

Ascot Shipping Co Ltd
Alexander T Wood.
05.1958-Completed by Canadian Vickers Ltd. Montreal. Registered under
Westriver Ore Transports Ltd (Purvis Shipping Co Ltd, mgrs), London
1959-registered under Bury Court Shipping Ltd (s/m)
1963-Renamed Leadenhall (Lambert Bros(Shipping) Ltd, mgrs) London
1964-Sold to Westriver Ore Transports Ltd, Liberia Re Lubeck.
1968-Sold to Vainqueur Corp, Liberia. Re Vainqueur
15.03.1969-Sank in the Gulf of Mexico in 27.21N - 090.30W.
Hopefully back in the morning with more.

Dave Haxell 11th January 2016 16:09

Cheers Ted for the info,
I found 5 good photos of the Alexander T Wood on One has a funnel with a large W on. Could this be the funnel of Westriver do you think? I shall check all details on a Lloyd register now you have given me some years to work on. Thanks again Dave

A.D.FROST 11th January 2016 16:42

AVIAion & Shipping = AVIS........ taken from their telex name.

ted nutt 11th January 2016 23:03

Ascot Shipping Co Ltd
Sorry for delay;
Avery C Adams
08.1958-Completed by Canadian Vickers Ltd, Montreal for Bradley Shipping Co Ltd (Purvis Shipping Co Ltd, mgrs)
1960-Registered under Wilson Shipping Corp. Ltd (s/m)
1964-Registered under Wilson Shipping Corp, Liberia. Re Cypress
1968-Sold to Union Shipping Co Ltd, Liberia. Re Union
1969-Sold to Dover Nav. Co Ltd, Liberia Re Freja
1972-Sold to Hall Corp. (Shipping) Ltd, Montreal, Re Scotiacliffe Hall
1974-Sold to Farell Inc, Liberia. N/un. Converted into a drillship.
1976-s/o Re Navifor Norse.
1982-Sold to Soc Elf-Gabon, Panama. N/un.
1989-Re Navifor II, Norway.1989-Broken up Aliaga.
Hope this helps. Ted.

Dave Haxell 18th January 2016 22:39

Ted, Thanks very much and sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Had a significant birthday and the malt got me for a few days.

ted nutt 18th January 2016 22:47

Evening Dave, get the same result on Lamb's Navy. Hope you had a good time.

Andrew M Humphreys 25th February 2020 11:51

Ascot Shipping
Bit late into this ... but believe this company was either taken over or renamed Aviation & Shipping Co.Ltd, which was managed by Purvis Shipping Co.Ltd based in the Minories, London EC3.
I worked in the agency department of Purvis Shipping from 1963/71 and remember Aviation & Shipping still owning at least 3 ships including the Avisfaith... they in any case had ships with the Avis prefix. In the very early '70's the well known Asset Stripper Slater Walker bought both Aviation & Shipping and Purvis Shipping, where the ships were sold and the company sold or dissolved.
I hope this helps!

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