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roblt 3rd February 2017 01:18

Merchant Ship Juan
I am trying to locate information on the merchant ship Juan which sailed Hong Kong to CookTown Qld usually loaded with Chinese labour - up to 700 at a time and the occasional European passengers in the 1870's. Having unloaded its people cargo she would proceed to Newcastle for a load of coal. This is all that I have been able to glean from the Trove articles dated 1877. Where would I look to locate details of this vessel and crew lists if at all available.

ted nutt 6th February 2017 11:38

Merchant Ship Juan
Morning Roblt, from the brief details given the L.R. for 1877 has one possibilty. Juan ON 49894 blt in 1864 as Galileo. Renamed Juan 1869.
1525g 1271n 276.0ft x 33.1ft x 23.1ft. Compound 2Cly eng Re-engined in 1874. I have further information regarding owners. Was posted missing having sailed 26.08.1898 from Hong Kong for Kiaochow.
Hope this may help.

cueball44 6th February 2017 22:09

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