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cap0557 15th August 2011 15:14

Offshore Marine - Ships In Fleet
I wonder if anyone can help me? I am trying to assemble a full listing of all ships within the "Cunard World" and as such am keen to identify ships that formed part of the Offshore Marine subsidiary. Thanks to another thread I have been able to gather a few vessel names to start me off but need help to get to a definitive list.

I am also interested to establish when Cunard acquired the company and also when Cunard relinquished control.

Appreciate any help...

(PS - I have also added a similar thread for both Ellerman and Moss Tankers)

Don Matheson 15th August 2011 15:29

I suppose it depends on how much information you want for each ship but I believe I can help you out with some of the fleet names and I am sure other members can add their own memories.

Kent Shore, Atlantic Shore, Norfolk, Suffolk, East, West, North, South, Viking, Orkney, Shetland, Forties, Cromarty, Dogger, Lundy, Pacific, Tropic, Anglia, Cumbria, Mercia, Dee. And my favourite of all Tern Shore.
All ships names ended in ....Shore, I just used Shore on the first two listed to give an idea.
Cant really remember if Anglia Cumbria and Mercia actually ended in IAN as in Anglian but think they were as I listed them.
Hope this helps.


cap0557 15th August 2011 21:26

Thanks Don,

This is a great start, I do have some others, Dogger, Polar, Arctic, Fastnet, Essex, Petrel.

I also think that Strait, Bay, Cape and Island were also included but have no confirmation.

At present all I need is the name of each vessel once I have it, it becomes relatively easy to research for additional info.


Don Matheson 15th August 2011 21:48

Glad to help Chris, I also remember the Nova Shore. Cant remember the Bay but thats not to say there wasnt one. Strait Cape and Island were all OM ships
I shoild have remembered Arctic and Essex as I sailed on them, Yes Dogger Polar Fastnet and Petrel were also Shore boats
Dont think you should be far away now.
Would be interested in your results for Offshore marine when you get it finished.
Wish you luck with your search for Ellerman and Moss. Perhaps you should start a thread for each company, make your search stand out.

PS I mentioned Dogger in my first listing.

bysteve 15th August 2011 22:04

Ocean Shore and definitely Bay Shore (see my photos of them)

Also one that sank after hitting the Britannia Rig off Great Yarmouth when I was on the Petrel Shore (was she the smallest Supply boat ever?). I can't remember which one it was, maybe mentioned already but I would like to know which one it was.


Don Matheson 15th August 2011 22:12

Steve I think the Tern Shore was the smallest ever. It was more like a private yacht for the skipper Lionel (I think) am sure the Petrel was much bigger, huge really.
I should remember the sinking, I wonder if that was the Tern.
I do remember the East Shore was lost in the Med.
Wasnt sure about Bay but do remember now about the Ocean. Funny how they comeflooding back once you start to remember.
Where can I find your photos Steve?


ddraigmor 15th August 2011 22:15

The ships of Offshore Marine Ltd were managed by the International Offshore Services (UK) Ltd., London, until 1968. (IOS)

On April 1, 1968 Offshore Marine Ltd. was sold by Hay's Wharf Ltd (London and Rochester Trading ). to the Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd. It remained named Offshore Marine.

1968: Foundation of the OSA (Offshore Supply Association (OSA) Ltd, London) as a marketing company. Members were as follows:

Partner organisations were: NVG Nordsee Versorgungsschiffahrt G.m.b.H., Hamburg.

VTG Vereinigte Tanklager und Transportmittel G.m.b.H., Hamburg.

Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft "Hansa", Bremen

and Offshore Marine Ltd., Great Yarmouth (Cunard Group).

On December 31, 1972 Offshore Marine Ltd. separated from the OSA.

Interestingly, most folk associate OM with Cunard when, in reality, they were formed by a coasting company and then the Germans.

Hope this helps.


Don Matheson 15th August 2011 22:27

Hey jonty I used to tell people I was a chief with Cunard, smaller ship division. Worked sometimes.


lochluichart 15th August 2011 22:48

Cape Shore became R W Olson then Whales Forever despite what is says on their website about being scrapped after incident with Norwegian coastguard I heard she was under Nigerian ownership and working offshore Nogeria as diving support vessel.
Some photos on my gallery

Don Matheson 15th August 2011 23:30

When I was working with Aramco in Saudi Arabia I came across a small supply boat I recognised by shape. Turned out to be the old South Shore now working for an Egyptian company. Got talking to the Chief who was exhaused trying to keep her going. Reckoned he was going to get shafted out of his wages as he was going home that night. Couple of phone calls and some of our bosses down to the ship, and he went home that night paid in full and in cash.
Was nice to see the old South Shore again though.


ddraigmor 16th August 2011 09:51

Don - knew a lot of lads on the OM boats and quite a few thought being a part of The Cunard Group was really something! Mind you, they were smart looking ships.


Nick Balls 16th August 2011 10:26

Whats more a few of these ships are STILL GOING!!!
Heres the Nova

sam2182sw 16th August 2011 12:19

Hi Lads a lot of them ships where built by Drypool Ship Builders Hull And Selby yards worked on a lot of them sam2182sw

cap0557 16th August 2011 17:43

Thanks to everybody's contribution, I now have a total of 30 ships. But I do have some other contenders which I'm unsure of

Cook Shore (Australian Build)
Bass Shore (Australian Build)
Breton Shore (Canadian Build)
Scotian Shore (Canadian Build)
Gulf Shore (USA Build - formerly Tasman Seahorse)

All the above appear to be tug/supply ships, the one below

Nopal Shore

appears to be a cargo vessel, but as the name follows the OM convention I think it better to actively get a qualified opinion about it.

As an aside, as part of my research I have acquired a copy of a Cunard corporate brochure which unfortunately is not dated but from the information within I suspect it to be from around 1980. In it there is clear reference to OM and it states (at the time of publication) there are 27 vessels in the fleet (at the time the Cunard passenger fleet was three). From the information you gentlemen have provided I believe that allowing for vessels disposed off during Cunard's tenure the number arrives back at the 27! But his does lead me onto one further question which is when did OM cease to be part of the Cunard 'empire'?


owendvdsn 16th August 2011 18:47

One name I didn't see in the previous posts (although I may have missed it) is the Channel Shore, sister ship to the Ocean Shore. Offshore Marine was acquired by Zapata Marine Service in (I think) 1980.


Blackal 16th August 2011 20:18


Originally Posted by Don Matheson (Post 531476)
I ........... And my favourite of all Tern Shore.

It has to be said, that my all-time favourite was the:

'Runa Shore' ;)

Obviously Cunard felt they could make more money elsewhere, which is a surprise to me - I thought the offshore supply business was very buoyant in that era?


Someone mentioned a Master named 'Lionel' - what was his surname?

Don Matheson 16th August 2011 20:40

Sorry Chris but I dont think there ever was a Nopal Shore in Offshore Marine to the best of my Knowledge.
Cook Shore Bass Shore Breton Shore Scotian Shore were all working overseas and I dont think they ever came to the UK so easy enough to forget them as we never saw them anywhere I was based.

Gulf Shore Probably was but I cant remember her. Owen did raise one I had forgotten, Channel Shore, she was always a nice boat.
Your list must be well on now.

sam2182sw Yes you are right mate, Drypool built some very good boats for Offshore Marine.

Blackal :- I think the main problem was to many Runa Shores!
It was me that mentioned Lionel. He was the skipper of the Tern Shore perhaps even part owner of the Tern. Cant remember his name though and lost my first discharge book so cant check. Such a lovely man though, dont think I ever heard his voice raised for anything.


Blackal 16th August 2011 21:02

Don - I met a Master out in Mexico on the Boa Canopus 'Lionel ****' who is possibly the same person. I'll have a trawl through the files and see if I can come up with a surname. Did your 'Lionel' have a sense of humour? (I ask, as the fella I knew - delivered a particularly-superb admonishment to his boss)


baileysan 16th August 2011 21:04

Hector Gannet. She was working for Offshore Marine and was lost off Yarmouth after holing herself in heavy weather whilst attending a blowout on gas rig operated by Philips Offshore. She turned turtle and three crew were lost Mate, Cook and 2nd Engineer. All the crew were from North Shields. At the time Sir Basil Smallpeace was Chairman.

Don Matheson 16th August 2011 21:16

Yes another one " Hector Gannet" was very similar to Tern Shore but I think she was lost before they thought about buying her.
Sad memories now about the crew.
One more for your list Chris.

howardang 16th August 2011 23:50


Originally Posted by bysteve (Post 531552)
Ocean Shore and definitely Bay Shore (see my photos of them)

Also one that sank after hitting the Britannia Rig off Great Yarmouth when I was on the Petrel Shore (was she the smallest Supply boat ever?). I can't remember which one it was, maybe mentioned already but I would like to know which one it was.


The one that sank after hitting Britannia was Tropic Shore.

I left her about 2 weeks before!


Don Matheson 16th August 2011 23:53

Now I remember, it was as Howard says the Tropic Shore, and I know just who was in command when it happened. A chap some people didnt like but I found him to be great to work with.


cap0557 17th August 2011 09:03

More excellent input, thank guys.

I checked out Hector Gannet and little data to be found about her. It does appear that the incident happened in 1968 which places it around the time of the Cunard acquisition. In the absence of anymore detail regarding dates and Don's comment perhaps this vessel didn't actually form part of the acquired fleet.

I've also looked into the sale of OM to Zapata and whilst google turns-up a press release, annoyingly it is undated but there is one clue, it does go on to say that at the time there where 24 vessels within OM. I will try and work through what I information I aleady have and see if I can piece it together. In owendvdsn earlier response I tend to agree that it was either 1980 or 1981.

Nick Balls 17th August 2011 10:12

Hector Gannet sank after going to the assistance of the crew of the platform Hewitt A after a drilling accident lead to a blowout in november 1968. The ship had gone alongside the platform to help with the evacuation and was blown alongside and holed in the bad weather. She turned over and sank within 5 minutes. An RAF helicopter took photographs of the tragic accident as it occurred.
The Boston Hornet took over the rescue and saved 16 people.
The men lost were.
George Goodison Mate. Thomas Grimes AB and Leonard Dawson Engineer.
All were as previously stated from North Shields.
The blowout on the platform was eventually brought under control by the (now famous) Red Adair.
It was an incredible feat of bravery that the ship undertook the rescue and a local tragedy that is still know about today.

ddraigmor 17th August 2011 11:02

I can give you a fleet list for the ships?

1960 - Tern Shore
1965 South Shore / North Shore
1967 - East Shore / West Shore / Norfolk Shore / Kent Shore / Essex Shore / Suffolk Shore
1968 - Arctic Shore / Atlantic Shore
1969 - Nova Shore / Pacific Shore / Tropic Shore / Cook Shore
1970- Island Shore / Cape Shore / Petrel Shore / Strait Shore
1971 - Bay Shore / Polar Shore
1972 - Channel Shore / Ocean Shore
1973 - Shetland Shore / Orkney Shore / Bass Shore / Scotian Shore / Breton Shore

After this, I believe they had some more built - named the 'Weather Class' built in 1974

Fastnet Shore / Lundy Shore / Forties Shore / Cromarty Shore

That's all I have on OM but I believe they were 'Zapped' in 1980 - 81.


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