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DerekT 8th June 2006 19:09

Bibby Line
Hi everybody,

I started on this site not too long ago, mainly looking at the Brocks entries as I served my time with them and that site is particularly strong. One thing surprises me though is that there does not seem to be any Bibby Line members or not owning up anyway.
Is there anybody out there who was with Bibby, I sailed with them 1968 to 1973 or thereabouts.



LEEJ 9th June 2006 11:29

Hi, I started with Bibbys as deckboy on the Hampshire and then the Devonshire in 78. Quite a few of those lads ended up lost on the Derbyshire. Often think how the decision to leave may have saved my life. I had even tried getting back to Bibbys when work was hard to come by but they turned bandit on me and just wouldnt give me a start.

Stuart.Henderson 9th June 2006 14:23

Hi Derek
Iwas on Herefordshire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire during 68 - 70 as AB or QM/AB.


DerekT 9th June 2006 23:10

Bibby Line
Hi LEEJ and Stuart,

Well its good to know there are some Bibby liners out there, I started in Bibbs as 3/0 on Shropshire, then Gloucestershire, but my favourite time was on the Toronto City and Coventry City, some great ports and runs all over the place. We also had a couple of really good football teams on those two ships and upheld the pride of the merch many times. Unfortunately my memory of the names of the guys I sailed with on those ships has slipped away.
Yes I have sometimes thought about Derbyshire and knew or sailed with some of the people on board, and I too have often wondered if I might have been on that ship if I hadn't left in 73, as all my latter time was spent on the bulkers.


Pat McCardle 9th June 2006 23:34

DerekT. See picture gallery & enter Toronto City! You will see Her launch in Sunderland. Legend has it my Father built Her...............With the help of a few others. (EEK)

al mac 20th June 2006 03:09

Hi there
One more Bibby Liner here! Joined as Gadget 1989, 3/O 1992 - 1995 (Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, also Baltic Eider and Baltic Tern for AWSL, and Belard for IoMSP/Manin Line), 2/O 1995 - 1997 (Cheshire, Staffordshire, Belard, Baltic Eider, Baltic Tern), C/O 1997 - 2000 (Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Eupen for Exmar and Steven N).

Left 2000 to go work on a 5 Star cruise ship!

All the best


Forgot the unforgettable Shropshire (Jap built Chem Tanker) as Gadget. Tut tut.... (*))

trotterdotpom 20th June 2006 14:44

Does anyone remember a Bibby Line Purser called Leather (lived in Childwall, Liverpool)?

John T.

Hillview 20th June 2006 20:15

Bibby Line
I joined the Worcestershire in Tilbury for my first trip to sea in June 1960 and then the Shropshire.
The Wocestershire had a long life even after being torpedoed and repaired, a very strong Fairfields ship.
Her engines were originally blast injection but were converted to the archalouf system and had many dreary hours freeing the gas pistons.

S Fraser 5th July 2006 10:55

Bibby Line Personnel
I went to sea with Brocklebanks as a deck apprentice in 1961 and one of my school friends John Hogarth served his time with PSNC moving on to Bibby Line.
Lost touch with him, but think he stayed with Bibby for many years. Any sightings?

Tracey Jones (Scully) 6th July 2006 12:16

Hi to everyone,

My brother John Scully sailed with Bibby on the Devonshire in 1983, he was on that trip with Freddie Brown, anyone remember John or Freddie?.
Nigel Malpass also sailed with Bibby, a very kind man, he sailed on Devonshire in 83 also, he was the Master but he also sailed on a number of other ships for Bibby.
All the best,


al mac 6th July 2006 13:46

Hi Tracey

Just a wee update for you, Nigel Malpass went on to be the MD for Bibby (Isle of Man). After Bibby's went offshore in '84, everyone was reemployed through this Isle of Man company. I joined Biby's in 1989, and up until i left in 2000, he was still there going strong.


Tracey Jones (Scully) 6th July 2006 14:32

Hi Alick,

Thank you for the info.
I made contact with Nigel in 2002 and have kept in contact.
He and his wife Gill started their own business a little while back. He was very kind in supplying me with a lot of information I needed, I found him to be a very genuine man who helped me such a lot.

Kind regards,


Richard Green 6th July 2006 17:34

2 Attachment(s)
Hi Tracey,
Since we spoke about Bibby's I thought I'd post the photos for you. Perhaps you can supply the details...

Tracey Jones (Scully) 6th July 2006 19:28

Hi Richard,

Thank you for posting the photo's on the Bibby thread.
The above photo's posted by Richard on my behalf are of my brother John Scully when he was on the Devonshire in 1983 (later renamed the Hemera). Does anyone remember him or Freddie Brown from this ship. The last I heard of Freddie he was living in Liverpool but I've yet to find him after searching for years.
I have the crew list for the Devonshire for the time John was on board and I haven't found one person from it.
Devonshire was the only ship John sailed on for Bibby but he sailed on quite a few for BP and also Luxor, Harpalycus, Empress of England the Roland and Tectus.
He celebrated his 32nd birthday on Devonshire in June 83 and he mentions in a letter home a John Brown who was on board, (no relation to Freddie).
Hoping to hear from anyone who may have sailed on Devonshire at the time John was on board or from anyone who may have sailed on the other ships and from anyone who may remember Freddie who was CPO on Devonshire in 83.
The Master on Devonshire at the time was Paul Askew who had taken over from Nigel Malpass wo'd left to bring in another ship for Bibby. Some time after 83 Paul Askew left by mutual agreement with Bibby I believe.

Kind regards,


ruud 26th July 2006 11:55

1 Attachment(s)

Found this old piccie of the Coventry City 1966:

A.G.Greenwood 26th July 2006 18:35

Hi Derek T,
When were you with Brocks and what ships were you on. I was with them from 1957 - 61, also Deck Apprentice & 4/o.
Tony Greenwood

sparksatsea 24th September 2006 21:23

Geoff Valentine
Sailed with Bibby Line from 1975 until 1985 as Radio Officer on the following

Ocean Bridge / Dart America / Berkshire / Lancashire [cargo] / Lincolnshire
Hampshire / Devonshire / Staffordshire / and lastly the good old Wiltshire.

Really enjoyed my time at sea, pity one cannot turn the clock back.

Masirah 26th September 2006 13:48

Hi guys

Seems about time we had a Bibby Line Forum. I joined in March 68 and left in April 1970. Voyage details below.

Staffordshire 25 mar 68 to 08 apr 68, Tilbury to Liverpool as 3rd Mate
Herefordshire 02 may 68 to 24 May 68 Tilbury to Liverpool as 3rd Mate
Pacific Bridge 14 jun 68 to 13 oct 68 Rotterdam to Rotterdam as 3rd mate
Pacific Bridge 14 oct 68 to 25 nov 69 Rotterdam to Amsterdam as 2nd Mate
Atlantic Bridge 01 mar 69 to 20 aug 69 Amsterdam to Rotterdam as 2nd Mate
Yorkshire 08 dec 69 to 21 mar 70 Birkenhead to Birkenhead (CSAV) as 2nd Mate.
Shropshire 24 mar 70 to 13 apr 70 Rotterdam to Birkenhead CSAV Coast) as 2nd Mate.

I joined primarly because of my bulk carrier experiance, good trips they were with good people but finished up with a trip to South America because a BoT examiner could not add up. Not that I minded it was another intresting voyage with goo memories to places I had not been before. It was nice to do a bit of general cargo which I had not done since leaving Brocks.

If any one has any memories of these ships during the times I was on them I would be delghted to here from them.

Michael Meredith

Tracey Jones (Scully) 29th September 2006 11:05

Hi Everyone,

After searching for Freddie Brown for a very long time, I have now found him. It has been with the help and encouragement from people on the many MN sites I have posted messages on that I have been able to do this and I would like to thank Richard for posting the photies of John on here for me and for all his encouragement when I felt like giving up. You're a star Richard!

Best wishes to all,


Roger Bentley 1st October 2006 17:10

Old Bibby Line!
Hello, I commenced my seagoing career with the Bibby Line as a very junior and young R/O, actually sailing for Korea on my 17th birthday 12 October 1950 on the trooper Lancashire. Then did three trips on the Cheshire to Australia, before joining the Lancashire again after getting my first class ticket. Ended up deep sea as 2R/O on the old Derbyshire with the great Frank Bardy as my chief. I left to join Brocklebanks in early 1954. Can't say i particularly enjoyed my time with Bibbys, there were only a few ships and quite a few of the senior staff in the deck department felt that time was slipping by before they got commands, although I understand things changed dramatically later on and they the company was still going strong when Brocks finished. Don't suppose anyone will remember me! Regards, Roger Bentley

jim barnes 3rd October 2006 16:40

Never sailed with Bibby's but could have i suppose, i was in the TS INDEFATIGABLE when Frank Bibby used to come to visit the school(one of the main sponsors) he used to always speak to the ships company and end by asking "and how many of you will be joining Bibby Line? three? two? one? aah well maybe next time" don't know if any of us did leave and join the Bibby

Keith Adams 16th February 2007 04:20

Hello again to Jim Barnes! helped me in the past and perhaps you can help now... How do we get a Bibby Line, and for that matter a PSNC, Harrison and Canadian Pacific included in the listing instead of having to go to other ships? They were major lines and should have a place of their own and not lumped with 'Other"!
I don't yet know enough to get them listed... help! Snowy

ruud 17th February 2007 09:40

Toronto City
1 Attachment(s)
For all you Bibby's,here the TORONTO CITY 1966,she looked good to me.

Anderskane 19th February 2007 00:12


Originally Posted by Snowy (Post 108819)
Hello again to Jim Barnes! helped me in the past and perhaps you can help now... How do we get a Bibby Line, and for that matter a PSNC, Harrison and Canadian Pacific included in the listing instead of having to go to other ships? They were major lines and should have a place of their own and not lumped with 'Other"!
I don't yet know enough to get them listed... help! Snowy

hello Snowy, thanks for your interest, my PM was in relation to above query. regards Ken

Dick S 2nd March 2007 07:15

Hi all,
served my time as Deck cadet with Bibbys from 66 to 71. My last trip was on the Rangoon run when Captain Sheldrake died and we buried him at sea, his wife was sailing with him at he time. I seemed to spend most of my time on the Rangoon run so I left to go 'on the Pool' for a more exciting time - and I got it!(Bill Fooley - christened me senior Rangoon Cadet and it stuck!!)
Ships included Glouscestershre. Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Warwickshre and Lancashire.


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