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Weyport 9th January 2017 13:10

History of UK Aggregate Dredging
After a break of a few years to nurse my late wife, I have been given permission by my sponsors, The Crown Estate & BMAPA, to ‘publish’ the History of the UK’s Aggregate Dredging I’ve written as a blog. Find it at I will be adding photos and will weave into the story any corrections or additions submitted to me via Ships Nostalgia or as a ‘comment’ on the blog. Take care out there and remember, A collision or grounding at sea could ruin your whole day. Paul Whittle

Treboat 8th August 2017 02:27

Hi Paul,
I recall we exchanged a couple of e-mails ''fairly'' recently, having both lost our wives; I can't find your private email address at the moment, but would like to add a small comment and suggest a couple of typo changes which are probably mine. if you still have my email can you contact me? Cheers, Phil.

Ron Stringer 8th August 2017 12:17

There is currently much excitement about a plan to dredge on the Goodwin Sands for extensions to the port and its surroundings in Dover.

"Essential for the development of the port, the prosperity of the town and for employment in the area!"

"Wilful desecration of a revered graveyard, final resting place of thousands of seamen over the years and of many escaping soldiers from the evacuation of Dunkirk!"

Take your pick of the arguments.....

Ian Lawson 8th August 2017 15:26

Much excitement maybe but we will the talking about it in 10 years. As for the arguments:
1.Essential?.......what about Brexit.
2. Revered graveyard?......we know of the maritime disasters that happened there but it is not as though we are having to dig people up for re location purposes.

It'll never happen.

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