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Richie two 3rd May 2007 20:51

Ellerman Wilson Line HULL.
as a lad in the late 50s,, I sailed in the old Consuelo,, as a catering boy, Captain Gillis,,now there was a man to be reckoned with, did the north atlantic run,cant ever remember a good crossing,bloody ship used to delve deep, but always came back, another one of the same type was the sister ship Marengo, must have done ten trips in her, always a good crowdand a couple of trips even got Capt Gillis LOL,, but loved that ship,came off when she went in for survey, and never managed to get back, did a couple of trips Brodino, Volo, and more , getting married seemed to end that life, always missed it, retired now, but still in Hull good city

captainchris 3rd May 2007 22:47

Hi Richie,
Was on Borodino, London, Copenhagen, Aahus and Odense, in the early '60's
Also Teano, West Indis, Copenhagen, and the Electro, the only Wilson Boat registered in London, London Antwerp.

Plumber 4th May 2007 14:49

Hi Richie,
I sailed in Livorno,Leo,Sacramento,Borodino between 1955 and 1958.
Lived in Hull, but it took 6 years at sea before being offerd a Wilson ship.
Left the sea in 1958 and never met any old shipmates again.
Did you ever read Laurie Kohlers's book,he was Bo'sun of the Borodino during my time on her?

Richie two 6th May 2007 11:30

cheers Captain Chris, seems we were around about the same time in the Borodino, for my sins, i also sailed in Cosuelo Marengo, Ariosto VoloTrentino but I did manage to get away from E Wilsons, cape town castle athel sultan, that was another ship i remember with happy memories, did most of the world except Aussie and always wanted to go there Still do,, chheers mate and thanks Rich

Richie two 6th May 2007 11:37

Hello Plumber,, thakyou for your reply appologies for my delay had trouble with my computer, only one ship in common mate Borodino, did a couple of trips on her,good bunch of lads still have happy memories and managed to see a couple of them today,if you look at my reply to Capt Chris you will see I sailed in a few Wilson line ships, and still live in Hull retired, when I left the sea took a few mundne jobs even a bus conductor,, but the longest job was as LIcencee, think a lot of x seamen did that along with x football players Should say Rugby as its Hull chheers mate hope to hear again from you take care Richard Palmer.

Plumber 7th May 2007 20:50

Hi Richie,
Thanks for the reply.
It would appear we also have the Athelsultan in common. My trip was 1956, hoping for a long trip so that I could buy a house. Lasted 3 months then back to Saltend.
Joined RAF 1958, last ship heavy lift job Goodhope Castle.
In 1970 went to Capper Pass, but eventually went back to working abroad in various refineries.
Left Hull in 1977, retired 1998,now living in Nottinghamshire.
Time sure moves fast
Keep in touch


Richie two 18th May 2007 13:25

Hi again Plumber, its a thankyou again mate,good to hear from you, seems we were missing each other in our seafaring days,, My time on the Athel Sultan was from march 58 to Nov 58, there was great crowd on there at the time,, absolutly crackers LOL. sailed to quite a few places mollasses. from one side of the world to the other had some great days in Beunos Airs. The Borodino was May 62,, my cousin was on her his name is Colin Malton KNow him ??? great to chat mate keep it up Richard Palmer. HULL still

Richie two 18th May 2007 13:33

hello again Chris, possible we were on the Borodino same time,, good little ship good crowd on her as well I did two trips on her June 62 before getting married, my cousin was also on her Colin Malton, he had a sister living in Copenhagen, so we visited her happy memories from that time most of my Wilson Time was over the Atlantic Consuelo Marengo, many times, good to hear from you again cheers Richard Palmer,

captainchris 19th May 2007 22:29

Hi Richie,
Can't remember much of the crew artthe time, was on Teano first with Plumridge the Bosun, and John Brassington as Bosun's mate, but good crew on both boats. Captain of Borodino was Gill, although we had a few whilst I was on board, Captain of Teano was, I think, Wray, and we had another one there, but I can't think of his name. Funnily enough I am now working in the same area as we used to work in the 60's.
Best regards,

theaskew 16th June 2007 15:54

Hi Richie
I did 3 trips on Marengo from 8-58 to 11-58,It was Capt,Stokes then.
I did 2 trips 6-62 to sept,62.With Capt Gillis your right he was a man
to be reckoned with.He used to have us stand near the gangway in port.
He was ok.Ive also sailed on Livorno,Bravo,Cavallo,Malmo,Trentino,Rappallo,
Rinaldo,Spero.As you can guess I am from Hull
Regards Artie

Richie two 14th July 2007 20:20

Hello again Artie, sorry about the delay, I am a novice with these machines had it a couple of years and still at the n umber one stage lol,, as I said Captain Gillis he was a bastxxx as youll know, remember he did the gang plank thing in Aberdeen, often wondered what made him tic lol. made me behave myself, like you from Hull, would love to live in permament sunshine, but this is what life gave me hope to hear from you again cheers for now Rich.

theaskew 17th July 2007 14:14

Hi Rich
I know what you mean with the computer,I am still in the
Learning stage,yes Capt,Gillis was a right B;& the rest at times.I dont
know if you knew Frank Blampey AB from Hull.He used to give Gillis as good
as he got & got away with it.More than I did.
Regards Artie

Plumber 17th July 2007 16:48

Hi Rich,and Artie,(Gpsyville is it),
It was the name Frank Blampey that struck a chord. Ican't remember which ship.
Jardine was Captain of the Borodino when I was on. The Gentleman of Wilsons,I believe they called him.

theaskew 18th July 2007 17:00

Hi Terry
Yes Frank Blampey was Hessle road.Three of us used to sail
together,Frank-Arthur Birch & me.good shipmates,Frank would
call a spade (a spade)he used to say to the mate's etc,them stripes
dont make you any differant to me.He loved his rum,who did'nt.He and
Arthur is no longer with us,Bless them.

Plumber 21st July 2007 17:03

Hi Artie,
Don't know if I'm right or not,but I associate Frank with Nikki Telford,does that name mean anything to you?
Plus,Stan Green and Alan Norris.


theaskew 22nd July 2007 15:43

Hi Terry
I am not certain of them names,but Frank was around long before I
got to know him.Are you from Hull ?.we used Kingfisher pub a lot while
on leave.

Plumber 23rd July 2007 10:00

Hi Artie,
Yes I am from Hull,Scarborough St, followed by St.Georges Rd. then Priory Rd.
Went to sea in 1949 after 3 years Trinity House.
Left Hull 1959 after joining the RAF,now living in Nottinghamshire about as far away from the sea as you can get.
Its true though, the sea never leaves you..
First ship was Moorcot,Hull to Port Pirie,63days.Didn't see home again for 18 months, but covered a hell of a lot of world.
Trouble is at my age you tend to forget the names of all those shipmates of long ago until someone reminds you.
In those days the regular pubs used were The Monument,Whitefriargate,
Blue Heaven,Marfleet,and the one under Burtons,and the BOT Exam Centre in town.
Usually followed by City Hall on a Saturday night.
I remember the Borodino had a cycling club run by Laurie Kohler the Bo'sun, he called it the Wheelers.We covered pubs from Hull to Hornsea.
Great Days.



theaskew 23rd July 2007 16:37

Hi Terry
I had a feeling you was,Hessle road man.I went to sea 1955 after Gravesend
Sea School,Mv woolwich 8 month trip.As you know Posterngate our Shipping
Office was down there.When we sailed on Wilson Line we used to pay off there & head for Bonny Boat near market.Empress under Burtons,White Lion &
the rest.I'm not very good at remembering name's.Did you know Alan Carlson
from Marmaduke street,a good shipmate of mine.Terry Chapman &brother John
Nipper Douglas, Tornberg.
Regards Artie

Plumber 25th July 2007 14:32

Hi Artie,
The name Terry Chapman rings a bell,but again ,Idon't know where from.
Probably after your time but John Prescott used to collect the Political Levy (1shilling) outside the union office in Posterngate.
I have a few photos of some of the old Hull lads from those days but I can't put names to them all.
One ship, the "Riley", another tramp for a long trip, I was the oldest deckhand at 21.That was about 1953/54. A hell of a good trip though.
I should say except for the Bosun, I think his name was Bill Sampson.

All the best


Richie two 25th July 2007 20:16

Hello again, you can add me to the Hessle Road list, Wassand Street, was there until demolition, most of my life was as a Licencee in Hull, you have all brought some great memories for me think we all drank in the same watering holes great pubs in those days,, names escape me, bet we have all sailed with each other , the name Frank Blampy would have really liked to have met him any one that stood up to Gillis gets my vote . keepp jolting my memories been great Rich.

theaskew 26th July 2007 15:20

Hi may have known terry Chapman & brother John,also Arthur & Ron
Birch.I wish my memory was a bit better.I guess we all know John Prescott,my
father knew him well.I remember Ken Turner in the union office.There was another pub next to Bonny boat Kingston I think used to be handy.If you
remember any names on your photo's let us know.You certainly had ayoung
crew on the Riley
Regards Artie

theaskew 26th July 2007 15:43

Hi Rich.I bet you have some good another Hessle road man.
It has'nt changed much down there,a few new shops.I bet we have all
sailed together or met each other.You will have to let us know what pubs
you was Licencee at.My father used to have a Pub The Sculcoats Hotel
better known as Top Shop down Wincolmlee,on the riverside.Just up the road
was the Bay Horse.Yes you would have loved Frank Blampey he was a great
shipmate & friend.he would stand up to anyone
Regards Artie

Richie two 28th July 2007 12:45

Hello Artie, when the Borodino docked, we could see her from our street end, Hessle Road , your right it hasnt changed much, think maybe the people are a bit different from what Ive seen LOL,,, pubs started in the Talbot, Paragon square, then on to the Greenwood, 6 yrs. across town to Dolphin and Punch bowl James Reckitts Ave, left Hull for Pocklington, near York a number of years there,, then it all started to go **** up, and the whole industry changed, pubs are not the same even our favourates could rabbit on all day but this site is about ships not lives LOL cheers Richard.

theaskew 28th July 2007 15:47

Hi Rich
Yes you are right,the site is about ships.You know we could have evan
sailed together on the Marengo.I did 3 trips on her,Aug,1958 to Nov 58.
Then 2 trips,July !962 to Sept 62.Was you on her around them times ?
You never know we may have crossed paths sometime.
Cheers Artie

Plumber 29th July 2007 11:21

Hi Artie,
If ever I manage to find a way to post these old photos of mine you can browse them for old mates.
Frank Blampey may have been on the run job we did on the old Port Campbell,practically the last coal burner,Hull to Bremerhaven,then London.
I signed on for the following voyage,but the rest went home.1952 I think.
Other names are,Brooks,Bill Smith,Ken Reed,plus another Ken,his mate.Ginger Roberts.
I shall have to try hard with the old thinking cap.



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