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Moulder 4th March 2008 16:22

Coast Station call-signs ....
I wonder whether we can go through the alphabet and list a coast station call-sign for each of the 26 letters.

I'll start with A

A9M - Bahrain Radio.

The letter B - anyone?


Roger Bentley 4th March 2008 16:33

Hankow radio BSN working frequencies 470, 4580, 5295, 8333 A1 A2 H24

BA204259 4th March 2008 16:40

Havana CLA, M/F and H/F.

K urgess 4th March 2008 16:58

DZR - Manilla on 17136.8, 13074, 8486, 6446 Weather transmissions.

DAN (Nordeich?) if you insist on MF [=P]

BA204259 4th March 2008 17:08

Tenerife - EAT

Cadiz - EAC

R58484956 4th March 2008 17:11

Geraldtown VIN

BA204259 4th March 2008 17:17

St Lys - FFL

Boulogne - FFB

R58484956 4th March 2008 17:24

Perth VIP
Hobart VIH
Oban GNE
Humbergate GKZ

Drunkensailor 4th March 2008 17:55

Here's a strange one, I seem to think Berne Radio was HEB. A landlocked country. How many other landlocked countries had *coast* radio stations ?

Orbitaman 4th March 2008 18:17

Im surprised no one has come up with this one yet

GKA - Portishead

sparkie2182 4th March 2008 19:17

HEB ........ Berne radio was actually quite a busy station.
i used to have to exchange messages with a continental " route planner" private organisation which was supposed to advise on possible changes in course, to avoid bad weather.
as we were a bulk carrier fully loaded with german steel bound for east coast u.s.a.....making 7 kts on a good we were supposed to dodge weather was a bit of a mystery.
but this contract depended on contacting HEB daily...... and was a bit of a bind....... the messages tended to be just a comprehensive treatise of the weather......(available from gka for nothing......which had to be copied also, of course)....... and they insisted on a qsl daily.
this was a condition of the cargo charterer......apparantly.
the QRY list of HEB was never too long......but was often quite respectable for a mid european, land locked "coast" station.

best regards............

K urgess 4th March 2008 19:24

IAR - Roma

Moulder 4th March 2008 19:28


Originally Posted by Drunkensailor (Post 194628)
Here's a strange one, I seem to think Berne Radio was HEB. A landlocked country. How many other landlocked countries had *coast* radio stations ?

UAT - Moscow


gwzm 4th March 2008 20:33

Here's a few to go on with:-

Calcutta: VWC
Aden: ZNR
Colombo: 4PB
Port Sudan: STP
Aqaba: JYO
Awarua: ZLB
Irirangi: ZLO
Vizakhapatnam: VTO
Malta: GYZ

I'll stir up the old grey cells and see what other "exotic" coast staion call sign I can recall.


K urgess 4th March 2008 21:15

HIA - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

BA204259 4th March 2008 21:35

Barranquilla radio (Colombia) HKJ

K urgess 4th March 2008 21:50

HKC - Buenaventura, Colombia.

K urgess 4th March 2008 21:53

HCG - Guayaquil, Ecuador

K urgess 4th March 2008 21:54

HKA - Cartagena, Colombia

lakercapt 4th March 2008 23:14

Any "Sparkies" remember this one.
Some said there never was anyone there to hear us calling.


No cheating by looking up the ACS

K urgess 4th March 2008 23:49

Must be a longitudenal relative of CWA, Montevideo, who never answered either.

Anyone remember who HNT was up the PGulf?

Trevorw 4th March 2008 23:55

YVG - Puerto La Cruz Venezuela
NBA - US station Panama Canal
9MG - Penang after Independence
4PB - Colombo after likewise
KOK - Long Beach
UVG - Riga
SUK - Suez Canal, somewhere
SVA - Athens
PCH - Scheveningen
WSB - WSY - hundreds on the US East coast
JCS- Chosi

I could go on for hours!!

King Ratt 5th March 2008 09:18

GNV Bahrain Radio

Moulder 5th March 2008 13:34


Originally Posted by King Ratt (Post 194801)
GNV Bahrain Radio

Anyone remember the callsign of Muscat - beginning with G before it changed to A4M ?


lakercapt 5th March 2008 15:16

VKT was Nauru

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