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Rob Brodie 9th June 2009 03:17

research into cn199 the golden hynd
Hi all
I now live in Australia and after an injury have been off work for an age'after 300 episodes of nieghbours I have decided to take up a hobby. My uncle Jim "sculla" Brodie owned or skippered a fishing vessile in campbeltown scotland called the golden hynd cn199 and I am searching for any info on the make and if possible any photos with the colour etc. I would be soo greatful if anyone has any info no matter how small so I can make a wooden replica.
many thanks Rob

billyboy 9th June 2009 07:13

Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

bert thompson 9th June 2009 07:28

Welcome Rob to this wonderful site
Best wishes

non descript 9th June 2009 07:31

Golden Hynd CN199
Rob, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community and thank you for your first posting; hopefully with a large membership (the size of a small town these days) someone on here will be able to advise and comment on Golden Hynd CN199. In the meantime do enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage (Thumb)

R58484956 9th June 2009 09:10

Greetings Rob and welcome to SN from the south of England. Bon voyage.

benjidog 9th June 2009 20:51

Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you will enjoy the site and that someone can help you.

gdynia 9th June 2009 22:01

Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

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