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johnycorgi 13th January 2020 15:00

War Prizes - naval tug "Ostpreussen"
Clearing out boxes of nautical paperwork I have come across the log book of the German Naval tug "Ostpreussen" 19/4/1944 to 12/10/1944.

As the log book was in a box full of Devonport PAS / RMAS information I am thinking that she was probably a war prize.

Is there any more information anyone can supply?

I believe there were a few ex German ships in PAS service such as the Sarepta based on the Clyde, allegedly an ex German Q ship with am athwart ship torpedo tube used for trials.

This could be an interesting period of the PAS which has very little documented.

senior pilot 14th January 2020 09:25

OSTPREUSSEN became EXHORTER built 1942 sister ship to Excluder seized 1945 based Devonport under Cd 1962 sold to Pounds Portsmouth 21 12 1963 towed to Malta

johnycorgi 14th January 2020 10:47

Is this information from - 50 years of Naval tugs ?

Does anyone know the history of the Sarepta ?

Are there any other ex WW2 prizes ?

Strickylad44 14th January 2020 12:09

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Nice looking Tug >

Stephen J. Card 14th January 2020 15:05


Originally Posted by Strickylad44 (Post 3024525)
Nice looking Tug >

I agree completely! With RN lifeboats. I assume. A bit of rebuild... not much, would make a great solid yacht!


senior pilot 15th January 2020 11:36

yes from 50 years of naval tugs she was sold and went to Malta 1963 laid up and scrapped in 1974

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