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Rolf-guenter 13th February 2007 20:25

In a Book about US Submarines I found the Word GUPPY for Modernisation.
There was GUPPY I, IA, IB, II & III. What does the short form really mean
and what is the difference between the GUPPY´s.
Can anybody help me?

Brian Twyman 15th March 2007 11:29

Hi Rolf-guenter

The name Guppy is short for Greater Underwater Propulsive Power, a programme in USA to upgrade existing diesel submarines 1945-1955.

There is a good site about the various modernisations, Guppy 1 etc:

Have fun

benjidog 15th March 2007 11:46

Well done Brian T!

I thought a guppy was a tropical fish - just shows how little I know. ;)



Brian Twyman 20th March 2007 05:03


Now you have the Guppy submarines sorted, the USN also had FRAM destroyers. Sounds like they came out of a tin , but that stands for the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) reconstruction program.
We won't go into FRAM I, or FRAM II, or which received DASH while others received DASH and ASROC. ! [=P]

Have Fun

Hawkeye 28th March 2007 01:54

Hi Brian


Originally Posted by benjidog (Post 115272)
Well done Brian T!

I thought a guppy was a tropical fish - just shows how little I know. ;)



Most of the American Submarines, particuly during the war, were named after fish. The GUPPY programme was a massive modernasition of many of these subs to give them a more modern look, more streamlined, etc. Many were later sold to freindly navies. There are plenty of books on these boats, two of which I have at home.



Frank P 28th March 2007 09:07

Hello Brian T,

I have tried the link in your answer and it says, "Page Not Found.
Sorry, the page you requested does not exist
or has been moved. Please check to make sure
that the URL you entered is correct".

Is that the correct address or is there another link please?

Cheers Frank(Thumb)

Brian Twyman 28th March 2007 11:13

Hi Frank

Sorry about that, I am not sure about creating links ! Try copying and pasting this URL in your Google bar :

(Let me know what I am doing wrong, please !)


K urgess 28th March 2007 11:33


If you highlight the address bar at the top of the ie page, right click and then copy you can just paste it into your post. It comes out white against a white background and is quite difficult to see but if you do a preview you can see if it's there. You can also test to see if it works. This is not available if you do a "quick reply" only "post reply" or go advanced from "quick reply"

I copied this from the address bar -
It doesn't appear to have a www in the address.


Brian Twyman 28th March 2007 12:41

Thanks for that Kris, I have made a copy of your instructions for next time. (Thumb)

I agree no www in this case but the link does work.

Frank P 28th March 2007 17:19

Thanks Guys. It looks like a good site.

Cheers Frank

ssr481 20th March 2008 14:27

The GUPPY Tribute site is done by a gentleman named George Arnold, who sailed aboard the USS SEA FOX (SS-402).. a GUPPY II boat. The USS RAZORBACK (SS-394), returned a few years ago from Turkey, is currently on display in N. Little Rock, Arkansas and is a GUPPY IIA.

Now if you want to talk about radar picket submarines and the MIGRAINE program...

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