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Ahmed N 1st August 2019 19:23

TEV Wahine plans
Hi, I am currently working on a model of the Wahine. I am in need of plans for the Wahine and I do not know were to find them. Does anybody know were I can get them ?

Stephen J. Card 1st August 2019 20:44



Start with them.

RSDS 1st September 2019 03:32

Plans ond other stuff
Hello Ahmed.
I currently hold the largest Wahine related collection and in fact most USSC ship plans.
My collection is 460 original plans of Wahine alone and several hundred photos, many private and unpublished.
I am doing 2 models of here, one digital model for film and one 1/35 actual RC model.

BTW the Museum do not hold the plans, the archives do.

I have recently started back on these as work has stopped me for 2-3 years


Ahmed N 1st September 2019 04:18

Hi Richard, yes I have seen your works and they are amazing. Your models are what have inspired me to make a computer model of the Wahine. As regards to the plans. Which archives are the collections in. I've heard it's in Glasgow or Wellington. Also what processes do I have to go through to acquire them?
Sincerly: Ahmed

Ahmed N 1st September 2019 04:28

Also, do you know any other ships that Mr Waters has designed ? Other than the Maori and Rangatira


RSDS 1st September 2019 11:57

The plans are held in the Wellington Archive under the care of Adrian Humphris, I catalogued them for him so there should a be excel doc with descriptions of the plans.
Keep in mind these are actual shipyard plans and require a certain amount of real knowledge of ship design, I have worked in naval architecture for several years so it was no big deal.
The rest of my collection is from the designer who was family friend, they do not have this.
My copies of the plans are all restored and cleaned up, the archive ones are not and I believe they charge about $50.00 per plan, keep in mind there are about 300 they hold, many not needed by most modelers but I have all of them plus some.
I can certainly advise on which ones do what, but it's a very full set, not much is missing.
The designer was William (Bill) Waters and he and his draftsman were responsible for many of the USSC ships of the 60's and 70's, sadly he passed away about 18 years ago.
My father built some of the models of new ships for USSC including the Maheno and Marama (now in Otago museum) so it's in my genetics, I was not born then.
As far as ships he designed it would be easier to list the ones he didn't he was the staff Naval Architect for USSC for a long time.
A funny story, I was going through some of the 90ish Maheno plans the other day and found some preliminary GA plans with a stamp" issued to H Dunn on 8 May 1967 for model making" signed W Waters, that was for his builders model. I showed him this as the model is still in Otago, I have photos of it along with the Kiamiro model he did.

Ahmed N 1st September 2019 14:36

Thank you Richard for this information. Funny story indeed. I certainly hope to be able to use these plans that you mentioned. My currently needed plans are the Line Plans, basic Framework plans and Interior plans. But I live in Canada so can all of these plans be ordered online ? I also think the Empress Of Austrailia may be designed by Mr Waters. Also was he responsible for the design of the Wahine's bridge? (most beautiful part of the ship)


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