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Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 11:57

Sending Large Files By E-Mail
Yesterday, someone overseas sent me a large file (about 30mb) via e-mail. It came in very quickly via something called Drop Box.

A programme to be able to send large files would be very handy to me, although I don't have a vast amount to send.

Looking this sort of thing up on the net, I find an almost bottomless pit of programmes ranging from free to quite expensive!

Can anyone recommend something suitable for occasional use?


Dickyboy 19th July 2012 12:35

How about "Adobe" They seem to have lots of programs for that sort of thing. Or "Win Zip". I have several Adobe files, but have never sent anything using it.

Blackal 19th July 2012 12:54

Get a free Yousendit account.

The limitation is that you can only send one file at a time- so if you have several files - you need to compact them into the one ziip.file.

In essence - you upload the file to a server, and it e-mails the link to your mail recipient(s). They have one week to download it, or 100 downloads - whichever is reached first.

It works pretty well.


clevewyn 19th July 2012 13:09

You answered your own question Shipbuilder. Dropbox has a free account with more than enough storage for most.

I use it occasionally and have had no problems with it.

Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 13:09

Thanks for replies. He initially tried sending it to me with zip, but that didn't work
Yousendit account seems to be limited to 10mb, but mine are generally about 25mb. Also, no mention of cost after free trial ends.

Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 13:13


I wondered about the Dropbox. I did look at the site and was really wondering if it was OK to use, as a Google search said it was "semi-legit" How can it be semi-legit, surely it either is or isn't?


clevewyn 19th July 2012 13:30

I guess what they mean is that you are responsible for what you share on it.

Like any file sharing site (which is what it is) it could easily be used for illegal file sharing. Copyrighted music, video games whatever.

Google have a rival setup so no surprise at the comment.

I also use these.

Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 14:02

I downloaded Drop Box and it came up with "error" then computer didn't work properly. Got rid of it and restored to an earlier date and it is OK again.
Will investaigate the next two suggestions.

John Dryden 19th July 2012 14:21

Some info in this link.I have skydrive,but havn,t used it to send any files,just for storage.It,s free up to 7 gigs I think.

Dave Woods 19th July 2012 15:27

I have been using Dropbox for about three years and have not found any problems. I did try SugarSync recently but had horrendous problems with Excel spread sheets.

Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 15:40

I have looked at quite a number of them, but all the info is very vague. I have even tried a couple of their free trials without any success. I have now abandoned the idea and will just go back to posting the files on disk.
Thanks for trying to help.

ART6 19th July 2012 18:56

In my company we have used Drop Box for a number of years to exchange current files, and we still do. It is strictly legit.

Shipbuilder 19th July 2012 19:18

It worked fine when someone sent me something yesterday, but when I downloaded it, it came up with "error", so I gave up!

DMA 20th July 2012 16:13

Just downloaded, no problem, shall give it a try. Dave A

Shipbuilder 20th July 2012 16:47

I had another look today, but the price seemed to be hundreds of dollars.
Didn't try downloading it again.

Coastie 20th July 2012 22:19

I use "Sendspace" which can be free or a "cloud storage" for about 60 a year.

Shipbuilder 21st July 2012 07:04

I tried downloading Sendspace and it went OK. I then tried to send a large file to my other e-mail address and it seemed to indicate that the recipient would have to download some more software to make it work, but I feel that a lot of recipients would not want to do that! Also, the computer started behaving strangely again. I removed Sendspace and restored to an earlier time and it is OK again. I have really given up on this now, but thanks for all suggestions.

andysk 23rd July 2012 12:33

Bob, it may be worth trying DropBox again, we use it here at work, in it's FoC version of course, and it seems to be worjking well. We run a variety of Windows OS types, so it must be fairly platform tolerant !

Shipbuilder 23rd July 2012 15:14


From what I can see on their site, the cheapest registry is $29.95 per month and that is limited to 5mb files.

Unfortunately, the price is too high and the file size to low. I am lucky if I even sell a couple of 24mb files per month, so it is more cost effective to post them on a CD disk.


clevewyn 23rd July 2012 16:33

2 Gigabyte account is free Bob.

If you are just passing the odd file to your mate now and again that should be more than enough.

When you get anywhere near your 2 Gb simply delete the ones that have already been passed or as I do, once your mate has got it remove it from the folder. That way there is always plenty of space FREE.

Shipbuilder 23rd July 2012 17:05

It is not to send the odd file to friends. I have been producing e-books, so most of them go to complete strangers who may not like the idea of having to download software into their computer to get the files. They don't mind geting a CD disk in PDF for Acrobat Reader and I have sent them all over the world (by airmail) with no problems.

I just took another look at Dropbox and although I am quite computer-literate for most things, I could not even get it to install at all. Maybe it is my Avast that is preventing it!


clevewyn 23rd July 2012 17:36

In that case Mediafire is as good as any, all you need is a free account which has a maximum individual file upload of 200 Mb, and a 50 Gb limit.

Upload the file to your account then send the link to whoever so they can download it.

Shipbuilder 23rd July 2012 18:48

I looked at Mediafire and tried to install it. Everything went well to a point and then it said
"There was a Problem downloading this file" But, as usual, no reason given.
I will try again.

clevewyn 23rd July 2012 18:55

Here`s a little one from my account.

Shipbuilder 23rd July 2012 19:08

Next thing, I received an e-mail sayng that I had registered OK and giving me a PIN. I entered this and then got "there was a problem while attempting to browse this folder"

I then signed in with my password and entered the site OK, but couldn't find any means of sending my file to them!.

I manged to open Shock in the Nuts, but still can't put my files on!


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