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xelah11 3rd February 2017 17:45

How many crew were on the Ross Tiger?
I'm researching the Ross Tiger/ sidewinder trawlers like it in the 1960s-70s and am trying to figure out how many crew it would usually take on a trip and what roles those crew members had. I've found some websites that say 12 and some that say 20 men. Which one is accurate?
The positions on board I have so far are:
Skipper 1
First Mate 1
Second Mate 1
Third Hand 1
Chief Engineer 1
Second Engineer 1
Decky Cook 1
Galley Boy 1
Radio Operator 1
Deck Hands 2
Decky Learner 1

This makes 12, but have I missed any out? Is it actually 20? Any help would help me out loads, thanks!

Erimus 3rd February 2017 19:15

Have asked my friends on Trawlerphotos site and will revert if answer received.

This seems a familiar request, did you ask it last year too??


Erimus 3rd February 2017 20:01

Right,asked an expert,he reckoned between 11 and 14 on 'Cat' boats.
Skipper or Mate usually did R/O job.


trotterdotpom 3rd February 2017 20:30

#1 . Pretty sure Ross Tiger would not normally have carried a radio operator as she mainly worked in the North Sea.

John T

Aberdonian 3rd February 2017 20:46

I would do away with the Second Mate and the Galley Boy and add 2 additional Deckhands to make 4 in total.
Shouldn't there be an engine room rating? (Edit)
Howsoever, customs differ.


trotterdotpom 3rd February 2017 23:34

Whoops, missed that one. Yes, no "2nd Mate" on Grimsby trawlers. Also, I think they would have needed more that 2 deckhands. I think there may be a website for Ross Tiger and it will probably give crewing details there.

John T

Erimus 4th February 2017 08:18

John.......There are several websites relating to this vessel but none state crew numbers. My contact,an ex trawler man,says that at that time some vessels carried extra men as there was a per capita bonus paid for doing the Government to aid employment.


trotterdotpom 4th February 2017 10:11

#7 . The trawler owners would have loved that, Geoff.

John T

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