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SAS Amatola 21st October 2008 22:19

Steam Tug AM Campbell
In 1983 the former SAR&H Steam Tug AM Campbell was sold via public auction.

Anyone know what happened to her?

Steve Woodward 21st October 2008 23:01

Sad to say she is recorded as scrapped in 1982ish

SAS Amatola 23rd October 2008 12:08


Google Earth seems to indicate a vessel moored in Walvis Bay that looks very much like a steam tug.

R J de Koning 24th November 2008 10:18

The tug was scrapped in Walvis Bay and cut up on the syncrolift. The wooden bridge structure was placed at the Yacht club for use by the sea scouts.
I was the last to sail as master on her.

So to the Danie Hugo. Her accommodation structure is standing in Swakopmund and is serving as a pub attached to a stone restaurant.

SAS Amatola 24th November 2008 11:44

Thanks. Do you have any photos of her prior to scrapping or of her bridge?

FC Sturrock, Danie Hugo and AM Campbell all scrapped?

Trying to track down photos of RA Leigh prior to her scrapping as well.

reklaw 25th November 2008 15:23

I have quite a few slides of the Leigh during her "Rust in peace" phase in Durban next to the JR More and other ones taken in during trips down to Durban. Give me a shout if you want any.

Old Se Dog 10th September 2018 22:01

ra leigh
1 Attachment(s)
picture of the ra leigh

Old Se Dog 10th September 2018 22:02

1 Attachment(s)
ra leigh

Old Se Dog 9th October 2018 15:19

fc sturrock
1 Attachment(s)
fc sturrock being scrapped

Old Se Dog 9th October 2018 15:22

danie hugo
1 Attachment(s)
the restaurant of x danie hugo

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