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Frank Lawlor 27th August 2018 13:36

USS Liberty
Was anyone on the USS Liberty over Christmas 1966 down the West African Coast?

Rockstar 27th August 2018 21:08

I was.

Frank Lawlor 28th August 2018 08:11


Originally Posted by Rockstar (Post 2942713)
I was.

Can you recall being in port in I think Takoradi, and a lot of your guys came on board a British Merchant Ship called the Obuasi for a beer session. It turned into a free for all fist fight with the end result your guys heading ashore very quickly, and back to your own ship. Can you recall what caused the free for all, and can you recall what our payback was towards your guys that night? 😁 I was a 16 year old crew member on the Obuasi at that time. I know what caused the fight to start. Thought your guys were great. I can recall a tall guy from Texas sharing some cookies with us that his Mother had made. We were invited onboard the Liberty, and I was amazed to see that you had coke machines on there. One of your guys showed us where he stored his gear, by by lifting up his bunk, with the storage area being under it.

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