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gdynia 4th November 2005 13:53

Stag Line
Looking for pictures from 1960 onwards


tanker 4th November 2005 14:07

Very intere (Applause) sting old ship Co.(Joseph Robinson & Co).Funnel:black with white stag on broad red band.Hull :black with red boot topping.Beginning 60s.there were 6 ships :CAMELLIA-CYDONIA-GARDENIA-GLOXINIA-PHOTINIA and ZINNIA,if i find i will put a shot of some them (Applause)

tanker 4th November 2005 14:10

I forget Welcome from Italy in this website!!!!

R58484956 4th November 2005 14:12

Welcome gdynia to the site, enjoy all it has to offer, no doubt someone will come up with some photos. Ruud over to you.hse = health and safety executive.

ruud 4th November 2005 14:33

Ahoy Gdynia,

Well first of all,maybe you should introduce yourself, and not like you did, by just asking pictures!

but anyway:

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.

P.S. Do have some names of the wanted pics?

sam2182sw 4th November 2005 19:40

hi i have one of the GLOXINIA docked in HULL when she was converted to a carle carrier and cable layer i will dig it out and post it on the site


tugboat142 5th November 2005 18:40

Stag Line
There is a real intresting site dedicated to Stag line with fleet list & photos here:

I was on Gloxinia in 1967, immingham bound for Cleveland via St lawrence seaway with cargo of steel coils that shifted mid Atlantic in a storm.
All hands below with snatch blocks etc to trim the dangerous list.
Worrying time. (Cloud)
Then Detroit back to Liverpool. we docked right outside the customs training centre. 30 cadets stripped the old tub. refused to pay us off untill someone owned up to 2 cartons of cigs they found. (Ouch)
Tom Harrison

trotterdotpom 6th November 2005 14:48

I sailed briefly on 'Gloxinia' in the late '60s and have mentioned her elsewhere on the site. We sailed from Smiths Dock, North Shields, on New Year's Eve. Half the crew, having received a better offer from Old Acquaintances, remained ashore in the "Jungle".

An abiding memory is the ship's funnel being left behind at Eastham Locks prior to transit of the Manchester Ship Canal. Am I kidding myself about that?
Nowadays that handsome "Stag" funnel would have MUFC scrawled all over it!

At that time she was running Manchester - Durban - Santos - Manchester.

John T.

gdynia 6th November 2005 15:15

[John T
I was on the Gloxinias last trip and handed her over to New Owners in River Tyne a very sad day for me


gdynia 6th November 2005 15:18

Have been in touch with the owner of this web site and received some great photos from him.I liked the old Stag Line and was very sad on its demise
Rgds Gdynia

gdynia 6th November 2005 15:21

Stag Line
Thanks for your message Im trying to build up a folder for my 7 year old son to show him his Daddys earlier sea going days

Rgds Gdynia

gdynia 6th November 2005 15:23

Stag Line

Thanks for your message still sailing on vessels but as a non sea going capacity
Rgds Gdynia

gdynia 6th November 2005 15:24

[QUOTE=ruud]Ahoy Gdynia,

Thanks your reply still at sea but now in the salvage capacity but had many happy years with the Stag Line

Rgds Neville

gdynia 6th November 2005 15:26

thanks for message I sailed with the Stag Line for 8 years and trying to build up a folio for my inquisitive son
Rgds Gdynia

gdynia 6th November 2005 18:15

Stag Line

Thanks for your great response I have a very happy son of 7 years old at home the proud owner of photos received. He knows now what our Merchant Navy was like and the people who manned the vessels.

Many Thanks

gdynia 6th November 2005 18:19


The photographs I am basically missing now is of Zinnia and Begonia.Had a fantastic response from Readers

Cheers Gdynia

tugboat142 6th November 2005 21:05

could this be the zinnia you seek:


gdynia 6th November 2005 21:44

Thanks for mail. The Zinnia I am looking for is a Stag Line vessel.I believe this picture is of a Turkish Vessel with same name but thanks for your help.
Rgds Gdynia

trotterdotpom 22nd November 2005 11:45


Originally Posted by gdynia
[John T
I was on the Gloxinias last trip and handed her over to New Owners in River Tyne a very sad day for me


Was that cat still there?

Just read your profile - everyone was impressed by your efforts. Well done.

John T.

gdynia 22nd November 2005 18:45

John T

No the cat deserted the vessel days before but reports of a fox seen onboard in the dock by several people

baileysan 22nd November 2005 20:10

Stag Line

Excellent small publication on Stag Line published by World Ship Society 1984. No doubt still available.

My home town North Shields (although I now live on Wirral)and many days I have been on the bank top outside Stag Line offices. Eventually it was turned into a very nice pub, I believe now it is council administration offices.

A nice small company with a good reputation.

paul batey 12th March 2007 19:27

Hi never been to sea except for a trip to the Isle of Wight on a Red Funnel Ferry but my workmate (who has no computer) is looking for anyone who remembers him as a cook on Stag Lines Gloxinia in the late 50s-his name is Fred Mitchell from North Shields known as 'slim'..thanks for any help.

peter3807 6th June 2008 01:37

Gloxinia, New years Eve
In reply to Trotter.pom
I know it is an old thread. It was new years eve 1970 when the Gloxinia sailed from Smiths Dock on new years eve. Willy Hunter was the old man Stevie Tong was mate. I was a cadet with one trip behind me. Sailed for Manchester probably to load flourspar for Cleveland but I paid off while she was laying by at Partington. I remember that the crane driver had to be encouraged with a few cartons of cigarettes before he lifted the gangway. He no doubt went straight to the Jungle for a lock in. Ernie Lamb was on the Quay to wave us off. Does anyone remember him and his Capstan Full Strength.


Bigmo 2nd July 2008 11:48

Sailed in Stag Line 1961 to 1970 so think I was on most if not all the fleet during those years, went from Apprentice to Ch.Off so have many happy memories of hard times. Remember the "Coal Run", DOSCO overtime, we didn't do too badly! If I remember I spent most of my Apprentice time on the Cydonia. Bill SutherlandCh.Off. Davy Mustard 2/O, 3/O ? (Put ships in bottles) Jimmy (Sparks) Old Man Robbie, Hugh Shotton 2/E.
I retired in 1999 and would love to hear from anyone from around those times. Maurice Kennedy.

oceantramp 2nd July 2008 12:06

The 3rd Mate would have been Maevyn Johnston R/O Jimmy Sams
Old Man Robbie Reekie. Sadly Bill Sutherland passed away some years ago while on holiday in the USA. Bill Keough

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