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wirralsteve 12th April 2012 23:03

River Mersey wrecks
hi all hoping for some information regarding wrecks on and around the Wirral, especially those in the Mersey itself.
My dad was telling me about a friend of his who used to work many years ago dynamiting the sunken ships of the Mersey so as not to create obstacles for the newer generation of larger vessels. that story has always had my attention and still to this day cant figure out if dad was having me on or if there has been that many wrecks on my doorstep. i am a keen historian and will gladly share any information i gather with any helpers and the ships nostalgia community


Compass Rose 13th April 2012 08:43

Hi Steve, I don't know if you already are aware of these but there has been some plaques mounted on the sea wall from Vale Park up to the red buoy where the beach patrol stand at New Brighton. Giving details of various wrecks in the river. Also a book is available detailing wrecks called 'wrecks of Liverpool bay' Might be a good starting point.

wirralsteve 13th April 2012 14:18

thank you so much for your help (Applause), iv just ordered a book and am planning a trip to vale park this week. I will place some pictures on the site with a list of ships.

any more information very welcome


Compass Rose 13th April 2012 15:07

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I went along and had a look myself this morning, the plaques start at Seacombe ferry, then outside Vale Park, and finally by the Beach Patrol buoy at New Brighton.

There are thirteen altogether, and I took a photo of each this morning.

I have only uploaded the first five as this is all that is allowed to be upload by this site.

Any way I do hope the local thugs will leave them alone but some how I think that time will tell.

wirralsteve 13th April 2012 15:57

thank you so much, really really appreciated(Bounce)

sidsal 13th April 2012 20:15

You will no doubt be aware of the Tacoma Star which was sunk by a magnetic mine off Rock Ferry in 1941 , I believe. She was anchored near HMS Conway and on changing generators the de-gaussing was off and the mone set off. The crew were rescued by boats from then Conway. I'm sure if you Google Tacoma Star the info is there.

Boatman25 13th April 2012 20:29

Used to see some when leaving or arriving in Liverpool, mast and wreckage showing out of the water at the side of the channel

Boatman25 13th April 2012 20:39

There was the Ionic Star on Formby Beach, I have a bit in my wrecks book about that, she ran aground

stan mayes 13th April 2012 20:46

I made a voyage in Adula of Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co -15th June to 23rd August 1941....Thames to Trinidad and loaded 12,000 tons of aviation spirit
and discharged cargo at Stanlow.
Between Liverpool landing stage and Birkenhead (22nd August 1941) we passed the wrecks of two ships..
Both ships had been sunk by parachute mines on 13th March 1941.
Tacoma City of Reardon Smith Co - 4 crew killed.
Ullapool - Ropner Co. - 15 crew killed.

Barrie Youde 13th April 2012 20:49

Hi, Chaps,

Please forgive me. "Tacoma Star" is actually "Tacoma City". The wreck on the north side of the main channel, on the revetment at Crosby Bend, is Paddy Henderson's "Pegu".

There are many more.



wirralsteve 13th April 2012 22:24

thankyou all, keep going keep going

wirralsteve 13th April 2012 22:39

Tacoma City
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picture of Tacoma city, mined in 1941

wirralsteve 13th April 2012 22:42

Ullapool SS
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Ullapool SS Pictures

John Callon 13th April 2012 22:52

My Grandfather, George Callon was drowned in the Mersey when No.8 Hopper capsized in a storm killing 11 crew members 0n 7th February 1913. His body was found and landed at Canada Basin. His widow was awarded 244 compensation from the MD&HB. As a result of his death my Dad was placed in the Seamans Orphanage in Newsham Park, Liverpool as he was the eldest of 7 children. From there he went to sea himself.

Compass Rose 14th April 2012 07:27

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Originally Posted by Barrie Youde (Post 590732)
Hi, Chaps,

Please forgive me. "Tacoma Star" is actually "Tacoma City". The wreck on the north side of the main channel, on the revetment at Crosby Bend, is Paddy Henderson's "Pegu".

There are many more.



Hi Barrie, the vessel in question is the 'Tacoma Star' which was bombed in Liverpool docks.

The 'Tacoma City was indeed mined in the river (South of Cammell Lairds) The ship broke in half and the two parts drifted 800 feet apart before they sank. She had 4,000 tons of steel onboard. By the end of the war only 1,500 tons of the steel was recoved.

here is the next five plaques.. BTW my error, there is twelve plaques not thirteen counted the Empress of Canada twice (age thing you know (Sad))

Compass Rose 14th April 2012 11:53

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And the last two plaques

Barrie Youde 23rd May 2012 21:47

Hi, Compass Rose,

Very many thanks. I had not heard of the Tacoma Star incident. Tacoma City was, on the other hand, very well known and was marked by at least one wreck buoy (if not two) until well into the 1960s.

Scabby Rat 13th July 2012 10:43

Mersey wrecks
My old man worked on wreck clearance on the Mersey, sweeping the wrecks then getting ropes aboard the camels for tidal lifting and clearing out of the channel, most were then blown up by cutting charges and the bits and pieces lifted out of the water for scrap. I know that the last most recent wreck was one called "Ousell", she went down off Brombourgh and a Dutch firm was brought in to cut the wreck up and then the big lifting derrick "Taklift" was hired to pull the sections out of the water for scrap.

I think that derrick tried to clear the wreck in Formby channel but I,m not sure about that.

debs53 29th March 2013 04:16

Hi all,am new to all this,but find shipwrecks and the history fascinating.Have enjoyed reading this forum,some of you guys have so much wisdom and info about it.Debs

Samsette 29th March 2013 06:47

Mersey Wrecks
The cattle boat Stormont and the Donaldson liner Letitia were in collision, sometime in winter 1946-47, off Seacombe I think. Cattle carcasses were washed ashore as far as Formby Point. The war brides headed for Canada had their voyage cut short, as Letitia had to be dry docked for repair. Stormont was not so lucky.

Some members may remember Letitia in her later lives as Empire Brent and Captain Cook. She had a poor reputation among the "uncertificated" - or should that be uncertified.(Thumb)

rapidman2 25th April 2013 19:16

I wonder if anyone can help me?
A few years ago i remember taking a photograph of a wreck at low tide, it was just off Otterspool promenard about level with the oil jetty at tranmere.
Can anybody help me with its name and a photo if poss as i can't find mine,also some history,also if poss.
It looked like a Mersey flat but i am not sure.

Boatman25 25th April 2013 19:41

Its a tug which was going for scrap I think and ran aground

rapidman2 25th April 2013 19:44


Originally Posted by Boatman25 (Post 673578)
Its a tug which was going for scrap I think and ran aground

Was that in the Garston channel en route to Garston ship breakers?

Boatman25 25th April 2013 20:07


Originally Posted by rapidman2 (Post 673580)
Was that in the Garston channel en route to Garston ship breakers?

Yes it was

rapidman2 25th April 2013 20:14


Originally Posted by Boatman25 (Post 673586)
Yes it was

Thank you so much you don't know is name by chance, or know of where I could obtain more information

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