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DaveH53 8th November 2019 00:05

Hi everyone
I'm Dave Hampton. I served on UK Ocean Weather Ships (OWS) as a Met Man between 1975 and 1987. Following OWS service I sailed on container vessels Manchester Challenge (OOCL Challenge) and Canmar Europe (OOCL Europe) on Europe/Montreal route making surface and upper air observations via weather ballon launched from a container fixed to the deck. Glad to be aboard.

Frank P 8th November 2019 08:57

Welcome on board Dave, enjoy the site.

Cheers Frank

Twocky61 9th November 2019 13:40

Hi Dave :)

david freeman 9th November 2019 14:27

interesting career? I remember the weather ships out of the clyde station for the atlantic? and possibly the bering sea? Ship in a grey livery no funnel boot top, just overal grey, and if I remember flying the Blue Ensign. That was at my time in late 65, early 66 when we were in drydock in Greenock, for a major refit.
Your remarks on your later career are more enlightening on the Oversea ships? container vessels and then the manchester liners, still apparently letting off weather balloons, and making weather observations? { I assume you were still in the North Atlantic?
Question, were you one of 'aunties friends'? and a man in the cupboard, who are you know MR Fish the TV weather man from the met office?? Remember that piece of paper - the official secrets act? were you working for 'auntie' or the Good Lord to help protect all us sailors??

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