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I worked for Stuk too!
Achatina(can you believe it was still around in the early 1980'sI remember a big hole in the bulkheads between 4 and 5 genter tanks.....she went off to scrap shortly after)
Paludina the tar tub queen!Another great story in LA at lunchtime the discharge pipe burst and bitumin was pouring into LA harbor.Every bloody car that had a flashing light on it descended onto the scene.They arrested the old man for pollution until they found out it was a shore side pipe that burst and the polluter was the American company that owned the terminal.....oooooops!
Drupa, Now where would we be without 4 months in the Brent?Everyone needs to freeze their a**es off at some time in their life!I remember we had the TV people on board at Shell haven as we were getting our safety awards for the year.Just out of the port you could see the oil being pumped into a tank that was already full and the stuff was going everywhere.The old man in a blind panic said well you have your story,we have work to do,so goodbye.They were escorted out of the terminal the long way round where the tank could not be seen..........oooooooops!
Litiopa, joined her in New Orleans.she was held up for three days due to bad weather.........Shell in their infinite wisdom put us up in a great hotel on Bourbon Street, then proceeded to give us $35.00 a day per diem.I don't think I have ever drunk as much beer in my life!Then we sailed off to Kharg Island Iran where the ship got robbed by the Iranian Soldiers.I had an ak47 stuffed in my mouth after I refused to hand over my Yankee Dollars.I got a busted tooth and load in my shorts.Funniest thing about that was we got our black out kits from Shellstores in London that consisted of black bin liners and a roll of masking tape.Like thats gonna stop shrapnel!!
Shell was great to work for,and I miss the guys and the ships.
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