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Originally Posted by Varley View Post
Perhaps an HR ploy to shoo-in a foot to an already filled boot?

CSM register had a 'company' car from the pool to do his afternoon with us at CCF. He as allowed the use of it until convenient to return to the pool. Parking 'illegally' was only countenanced if on HM's business. If for a packet of cigarettes it was a Court Martial offence if discovered. 'Manager' was a rank obtained mainly for the privilege of a company car. Whenever a ship in management called nearby they all found an excuse to visit - something to do with mileage on business. I wonder if he had declared it as a benefit-in-kind?Else maybe a UK tax issue?
Be interesting to see if they shared a car and each claimed individual mileage?

FWIW my thoughts on it are (posted by me on a fb group):

Without wishing to defend misuse of Government assets might I offer an alternative scenario. In the private sector the two easiest ways of obtaining a dismissal that can be successfully defended at the resulting tribunal is misuse of computers and expense fiddling- both are frequently used to sack people when the real reason for dismissal is otherwise (frequently ones face not fitting). There would appear a level of disquiet in the services currently, perhaps Captain Cook-Priest was about to make waves regarding the future of these two behemoths and needed to be silenced. Just a thought....
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