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I don't remember the name, its all seems a long time ago. I sailed with some of the Class 5's from the year after us but can't remember their names. Also I can't remember the name of the mate on the Tilly, he was an ex Londonderry Fireman and I also sailed with him on the Oarsman when it was new, built in Hull if I remember rightly R Owen was Captain, I think he was Rhodesian. [I] also remember a mate called Ian Storey, I think from the Helmsman, when I was a Cadet, the Master was called Hunt, he had been there for years but retired not long afterwards. Personally I enjoyed the 1000 tonners for the short time I was on them. Has any body heard from Clive Stevens, a fellow Cadet, we spent a lot of our Cadetship together, I think he went to Stolt with Terry Frith sometime in the 80's. I am glad Bryan Porter is still around, he was a good guy, send him my regards. The more I think about my time at Rowbothm's the more I remember. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot, more than most deep sea cadets I think. It has also served me well since I left.
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