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Give it rest!?

If the matter is allowed to rest the worthless will remain happy in blaming the master and leaving it at that. It will happen again with only 'minor cases' where a magic pipe or adeliberately pumped pint of oil impugns only the vessel and her crew will receive any form of justice. Where the littoral state has sinned, and in this case sinned venally, the state will ensure, through those courts they control, a blemishless avoidance of their desserts. Others states will follow suit until 'someone' brings one of them to book.

Of course it is not only the Spanish at fault. Several later examples, post Napoli which was an exemplary salvage, suggest that NIBYism is now a fairly universal state policy. The crew are unlikely to be white men so let them go hang. And if, perchance, they are then hang 'em anyway.
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