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Empie Regent

My Dad served on the Empire Regent at one time was
under Canadian Pacific managementas Beaverlodge
Empire Regent
1943 MOWT managed by T.& J.Brocklebank Ltd.
1945 MOWT managed by Furness Withy & Co.
1946 BLACK PRINCE, Rio Cape Line (Furness Withy)
1949 ZEALANDIC, chartered to Shaw, Savill & Albion Line.
1952 BEAVERLODGE, Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd
1960 BENHIANT, Ben Line Steamers Ltd.
1970 VENUS, Witty Cia.Nav.SA, Cyprus.
1971 Scrapped Taiwan.

had a little bit of a hard time researching this ship
as it went through so many name changes

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