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Originally Posted by Sister Eleff View Post
Is the book still in print? Or would 2nd hand shops be the only option if you wanted to get a copy?
The book (Surgeon's Log) ran to 31 editions (even had an American edition) and was re. and re-published over some 40 odd years. The last edition was dedicated to the author's daughter whom I had the good fortune to meet when she visited me in 1997. She, whose name was Jill and has since died, came with the very journal her father kept during the voyage and after her return home, had it all photo-copied and sent to me!
If you go to a web-site such as ABE books you will find many copies available from all over the world; there was even a Penguin paperback edition.
It became a mini travel classic and, after 9 rejections by prospective publishers, it became a best seller. It was first published in 1911.
A good read, and was probably responsible for me choosing to go to sea in the Blue Funnel Line.
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