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Dr James Johnston Abraham's view of Japanese women:-
-------her presence is so all-pervasive in her own country. Every time one buys a fan or a piece of china she is there. Her presence sends a ray of sunshine into every street. It is impossible to avoid her. As a rule one doesn't try to; for the Japanese woman is the greatest thing in Japan. Her beauty is of a difference-it grows on one day by day; and the longer one stays in the country the more one admires it. Men who have lived there tell me that it slowly permeates till one wakes up suddenly to find some day that the high acquiline Caucasian type has become distasteful to one, when by chance one meets a fellow countrywoman in the streets of a Japanese city.
She is so dainty so fine-lined, so small, so very gorgeous in her dress, so very artificial in her headgear bristling with pins; her smile is so ever-ready, her temper so equable, it is difficult to believe she can be really alive, could ever look cross, or be untidy.
She is inimitable, the apotheosis of Japanese civilisation. There is nothing in Europe at all like her--------------

Anyone go along with this view???
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