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The Surgeon's Log.

On one of his three visits to me, here in Cornwall, Bill (Bill Holman, the son of the 2nd mate of the Clytemnestra) real name of the ship was the s.s.Polyphemus-arrived with his daughter and I couldn't resist the temptation to show her the photograph, (see attached thumbnail) taken by the author of the book, of Ponta, her grandfather's Japanese sweetheart.
As far as I can tell, this photo only appears in the first of the thirty one editions the book, The Surgeon's Log, went to. She had never set eyes on it before and I was curious to see her reaction. She gazed at it for a little while and said something under her breath which I didn't catch.
Well, they are all memories now including her father who I miss very much. He went right through the war-as did his father in WW1-serving in the Royal Navy. He was a 2nd Lieut. in H.M.S. Volunteer, escort destroyer in Western Ocean convoys, followed by 1st Lieut. in the flag ship cruiser, H.M.S. Royalist, on service out east. A lovely man and I'm so pleased that my researching of the book brought us into contact before he crossed the bar.

(The photograph was taken in 1907)
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