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Ron, Just a year before J.Johnston Abraham's daughter Jill died she presented me with three of her father's books; namely, Surgeon's Journey, A Surgeon's Heritage and 99 Wimpole St. Only the first named has an index with no fewer than 13 Dr. Mac/Mc's listed, but not a Dr. T.H. Macfie. His other book, My Balkan Log (the one he reckoned to be his best) also has no index, but mention is made of many of the doctors he knew during his long and eventful life. In leafing through them should I come across a mention of the afore-named Macfie I'll let you know.
So pleased you found the thread of interest: it was a truly fascinating research into the book that probably enthused me to go to sea in the Blue Funnel Line in 1943, and first read all of those years ago! All the best, Hugh.
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