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Extracted from my PDF book on CD – “The Blue Funnel Odyssey”

Another new joint venture (also subsequently doomed to failure) with the Dutch Nedlloyd Group was undertaken wherein both partners would construct a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) tanker to enter service during 1977. However when the Dutch GASTOR and Blue Funnel’s NESTOR were completed the proposed trade opening for which they were built failed to get off the ground.
Although the vessels were approved by the United States Department of Energy, escalating costs and problems with the receiving terminal continued to dog Pacific Indonesia LNG Corporation the ships’ 20 year charterers. NESTOR proceeded to Loch Striven and was placed into lay-up without having carried a cargo. She was subsequently sent back to her builders for upgrading work, enabling her to compete with more modern tonnage when eventually put to work. GASTOR subsequently joined NESTOR in Loch Striven.
NESTOR was sold to Bermuda based operators for a new project in Nigeria but remained in lay-up. The new owners were listed as Enellengee Ltd., which in itself means little. To print it differently as NLNG Ltd., one can find the initials of Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas Ltd. NESTOR eventually left lay-up during 1991, having been renamed LNG PORT HARCOURT for her new owners.

I have a photo of both laid up and that shows lashed alongside each other bow to stern both with portside anchors out and both vessels also with what appears to a pair of some form of anchors rigged over their sterns centre and port quarter. Definitely not moored to buoys. Unfortunately copyright issues prevent me from posting it on site

NESTOR Liquified petroleum gas steam tanker.
O.N. 373259. 78,951g. 51,244n. 902' 3" x 137' 10” x 40' 3"
Two, Stal-Laval type steam turbines by the shipbuilder. 34,000 SHP. 19 kts.
6.11.1976: Launched by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St.Nazaire (Yard No. B. 26), for Ocean Transport & Trading Ltd.
3.10.1977: Trials.
12.1977: Completed for Odyssey Trading Company Ltd., (Ocean Fleets Ltd., managers), Bermuda.
10.8.1982: Laid up at Loch Striven.
1987: Ocean Marine Ltd., appointed as managers.
1989: Sold after seven years lay-up to Enellengee Ltd., (Shell International Marine Ltd., managers), Bermuda, but remained in lay up.
6.1990: Sold to Bonny Gas Transport Ltd., (Chemikalien Seetransport G.m. b. H., appointed as managers).
1991: Renamed LNG PORT HARCOURT, (same managers).
4.1992: Shell International Trading & Shipping Company Ltd., appointed as managers.
10.2015: Sold to M T East Energy SA and renamed EAST ENERGY under Panama flag.
10.2016: Sold to Sinokor Maritime Co Ltd., S Korea
29.3.2018: Arrived at Chittagong for demolition.
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