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3 Legged Doxford

Originally Posted by jolee View Post
I am researching details of 3-cylinder Doxford Engines built prior to turboblowers becoming standard about 1940.
A few main features I've found out so far but need verification: 1. They are famous for economy (helped win the battle of the Atlantic). 2. The throw of the crank for the Upper Cylinder was half the throw for the Lower Cylinder. 3. Some may have had open crankcases. 4. The scavenge pump was driven by a pair of parallel levers connected to the upper No 2 cylinder con rods. 5. Their Engine Frames were cast rather than fabricated.
I've been trawling the www for details so I can build a representative model. There must have been hundreds of these 3-legged Doxfords built but now its hard to find enough drawings to show how they were made and operated.
I'd be very appreciative if any reader could throw some light on this not-too-distant piece of Marine Engineering history.
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Hi Jolee
If you send me a personal message with your address I will mail a CD with a set of drawings for a 1930/40s Doxford 50/1 scale 60LB3
The original bore was 600m/m.
To get an idea of the finished job see the avatar used by averheijden which is a photo of the engine.
Best reghards
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