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Originally Posted by R58484956 View Post
MV Soochow 3 cyl Doxford 20 1/2" x 81 7/8ths" built by Doxfords. Ship built by A & J Inglis Glasgow. The other 3 had 4 cylinder diesels.
Probably you mean this one?

But not a 3-Legged

Picture as “ms STRAITS STAR”

So far as I know on this moment TAIKOO DOCKYARD built only this type of DOXFORD
670 LB4, 4500 BHP, at 115 rpm, not a Mushroom Type , but with 2 attached lever driven scavenging pumps

Here a model made by the TAIKOO people

Is that correct?, if not please let me know, I am working on a list from Taikoo Doxford’s and CNC


PS: It looks to me, that no pictures are allowed on this Topic?

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