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A little off topic as it relates to later engines:-
I sailed as 2nd Mate and Chief Officer on 5 ships operated by Ellerman City Liners from 1981 though to 1988 that had the last Doxford 3 legged engines built. They were supplied to the City of Plymouth Class 300TEU "paragraph" ships built at A&P Addpledore in devon - a 6th Engine was also built but never fitted to a ship and the last I heard had been donated by Ellermans to the Glasgow Museum of Transport. The first engine was supposed to run on a homogenised coal dust/ oil slurry but it didn't work............... the engines were way too powerful for the ships giving a Dead Slow speed of 7.5knots and really should have been mated to a contollable pitch prop. They weren't terribly reliable but once started they ran beautifully smoothly. The unreliablity was on the starting and stopping but this was resolved with some major redesigning of the liners and piston crowns of the City of Oxford that transformed the engine's manoeuvrability. Part of the starting problem was a "dead band" detector that soemtime didn't detect that all 3 units were "in line" and the start assister didn't engage to give the engine a half a turn by hydraulic ram............. IIRC the City of Plymouth had the start assister detect a dead band start situation while the engine was turning at 220rpm, which didn't do it or the rest of the engineroom a lot of good. I left Ellerman's in 1988 to join P&O Containers and remember seeing the City of Oxford trading in the Malacca Straits in 1992/3 as the Hyundai Malacca. Prince Line also had two vessel fitted with the same engine - Crown Prince and Royal Prince I think. They were handed over to OOCL when Furness was taken over by C Y Tung Group. I am now in command of some of the Maersk Line ships at the other end of the size/ power scale.

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