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Originally Posted by Marcus Cardew View Post
Hi Harry, Some Minor Corrections... Pisces 3 was a Manned submersible ( No String attached ). Roger and I founded SSS in 1977, after we had left VOL, I remember looking over all the ROV's at a trade show in Birmingham in 1976, Consub2 was the only one that looked like it would last more than 5 minutes of underwater operational life.. After setting her up, C2 went on to do about 60% of the available North Sea Pipeline Survey work for the next 8 years, and fed a lot of people... A very tough machine, and standfast a couple of years working her up into shape, a great credit to the BAe Filton engineering team.

I remember us chartering Consub1 for the Thistle SALM installation job in '77. Pat Chilton, who was with me on that job, is still up and very active in the underwater business.. I had an invite from him the just other day to trundle down to the Skeleton Coast to 'assist' in a world sailing speed record attempt.. I had coffee with Roger Chapman just yesterday, and occasionaly meet up with Roger Mallinson on Lake Windermere, where he still runs his restored 115 year old Steam Yacht 'Shamrock'..

I sort of retired about 3 years ago, but Richard Marsh ( BAe Sales ) with Dick Wright, who you may remember, and I had a joint venture for about 20 years, With my Gang ( System Technologies ) Designing and Manufacturing Sonars and underwater survey systems, and His Gang ( Tritech International ) doing the selling..

Anyway, If you would send your coordinates to my SN private message site, next time I see Roger Chapman, I'll mug him about the book. .... and for the record, I was a navigating officer with the Cunard Steamship Company ( Not the Pee and Owe ! )
Marcus, you will note that I said "a line from the mothership" This was the tow line that floated across the top of the Pisces3, not an umbilical cable.
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