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Originally Posted by Julian Calvin View Post
Was on ’Sherbro’ in 1980 alongside Apapa 14. (Capt Stan Garside, Mate John Mountain) Heavy rain from 2300 onwards. Went on deck at 0130 to find canoes alongside and one container of used clothing on deck being broached.
Raised the alarm but was then jumped by three guys. Luckily they were not armed but was beaten about the head with a piece of timber, had uniform torn to shreds and suffered ‘bites’ over my back as one of the ‘pirates’ obviously thought I was good eating material.
Broaching cargo by shore labour and authorities was always a problem.
Do you have any stories?
Julian, Saw John Mountain yesterday at our monthly Ancient Mariners lunch, and told him about your post. He remembered the attack including bites!, and sends his regards.
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