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TUGBOAT ACCIDENT: Flying Dolphin(?) Scotland UK 2 missing.1965

Hi, Looking for information. I am the daughter of the skipper of the tugboat that lost 2 men and my father was trapped in the wheel house and almost drowned in there during a bad accident or storm around 25th Jan 1965. I remember the date well enough because I was just a little girl in school. I remember the class I was in so the date of 1965 is pretty accurate. I also remember the Daily Express a Glasgow Scotland large newspaper coming to my parents house and there was a picture of my dad with his arm in a sling. I think it was the flying dolphin, I have trawled the internet and can't find
anything, I think it was hushed up because it was an American supply ship that may have caused the accident. Two men were thrown overboard and their bodies were never found again. Their clothes they had on eventually washed up on shore. This took place in Scotland I think around Glasgow, Greenock waters on the River Clyde. Thank you for any help.
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