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Angry Derbyshire, Tyne Bridge, Kowloon Bridge

".......... Then on 18th November 1986 the Kowloon Bridge, one of the Derbyshire's sister ships, developed severe deck cracking at Frame 65 whilst crossing the North Atlantic in severe weather. In view of the connection with the Derbyshire the Department of Transport's inspectors boarded the Kowloon Bridge on 20th November in Bantry Bay, Eire where she lay at anchor.
But on 22nd November she broke away from her anchor and, to be safer, put to sea again. She then lost her rudder and on 24th November went aground on Stag Rock off the south coast of Ireland. On 25th November, after grounding, she broke her back; the break occurred near Frame 65. It was learnt that cracks in the Frame 65 area of the Kowloon Bridge had been repaired in April 1982 and that massive girders had been welded over the deck there to prevent further cracking. ........."

Extracted from which gives some background to the Derbyshire, Tyne Bridge and Kowloon Bridge incidents.
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