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Fleetbank (1953 version) on Copra Run

Originally Posted by gerry winter View Post
brings back pleasant memories did 3 copra runs eastbank forresbank & fleetbank [with this sites Hamish at the helm] makes me wonder dos the copra trade still exist?
Gerry, Did you and I sail together on the old "Fleetbank"? Your name rings a bell and since you mention 'Hamish' I am known in some circles by that moniker! Don't know about the survival of the Copra trade. You might want to read about the Bank Line in the 20th Century in the book "The Shipping Wizard of Kirkcaldy" This is shameless soliciting since I wrote it and am flogging it. Actually, it is selling well and seems to be well received. Since SN don't like me to actually do a selling job on their site, you can email me on:
[email protected]

Kindest regards,
Alistair (Hamish) Macnab.


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