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Originally Posted by IDH View Post
I have long been fascinated by the LASH system. In particular the 500 tonne gantry cranes fitted on the ocean going ships.

It is difficult to get detailed photos, let alone drawings of the cranes. As I understand it they were electrically powered and had a large spool of cable on the port side which took in or paid out the cable as the gantry moved fore and aft along the ship. A little like the container cranes ashore today.

Im particularly interested to understand the operation of these cranes. Where and how was the cable attached to the vessel. (assuming right aft) Was the cable permanently attached when at sea, or only in port. What measures were in place to protect the cable on deck. I gather it ran in a channel on the inboard side of the rail track. The gantries were stowed amidships at sea especially after the loss of the Munchen.

If anyone has any information or first hand knowledge Id appreciate it. Either of the electrical power or the cranes in general.

You might check my photo gallery here, I have some photos of the Thomas E Cuffe unloading lighters in 1973.
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