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Photo of Dallas Bradshaw

I had several photographs of R/O Dallas Bradshaw, I think from some of the SOWP members who sent me some on my radio-officers mailing list which I started when only email was around and gopher:// via gopher proxy [URL=""] I lost them all, I believe Radio Officer Lucy Knight might have sent them to me, but I've not heard from her since, 2015. Many of my friends have passed on, good friends, wonderful R/O's.

Here's one photo from "The History of the Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy and on Deep-Sea Trawlers." of R/O Dallas Bradshaw. There were several women who subscribed to my R/O list and when I wrote the last post, I sent email to them, the posts didn't bounce, but neither did I receive a reply to them. So they might be elsewhere now as I noted concerning dear Lucy Knight above. The second picture is one from a newspaper of her tending bar while waiting for a ship.

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