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Originally Posted by Stephen J. Card View Post
a real Titanic buff. Dived on a couple of White Star wrecks... not Titanic though. Almost killed him self several years ago. Liked to drive.... fast. Kent man but lives in N. Ireland.

your post brought memories flooding back, as below;

From an email discussing an old shipmate and his nephew, both recently passed on.

When old John heard about Maggie, he was determined to sell his farm and buy anything I recommended, then the two of us would sail the oceans like the ancient mariner, as Shakespeare said “Sleep perchance to dream”. He would do the engines and the cooking, me, the navigating and washing up. It was agreed I could chart our destination/ journey as he didn’t care where we went. Maggie made it thru’ okay and John reluctantly suggested, - ‘maybe Maggie could come along too’, but I rather liked the comforting thought of a bit of home life on the “lee side of Bum Island”. The plans of mice and men. Yes, I’d have sold up and gone had I lost Maggie.
He also agreed the itinerary I chose, a leisurely couple of years down the French rivers and canals to the western Medy. The next two years or so to the Adriatic and east Medy, followed by a spell in the Canaries, then maybe, finish somewhere in the Caribbean. No Pacific Ocean, and bugger anywhere east of Suez.
It was a hard-old life at times but it was a good life, rewarding in every respect.
I was so sorry to see him go, and Paddy his nephew, so soon afterwards. I still miss a great old friend and shipmate. John’s maritime collection was quite valuable, several items, particularly his art collection, but Paddy’s was of some historical value, all of the Irish shipowners’ records and documentation from the 18th century onwards, impressive, plus some beautiful builders ship models. Two large maritime collections that would not have, as likely as not, been fully appreciated by those who inherited it all.
I think John would have liked to have made a small bequest to that sailorman/turned farmer who rented his land. After Paddy’s funeral an intermediary had a word with me about the comprehensive collection left in his wife’s possession. Thru’ a friend with connections at Queens and the museums it transpired those interested parties were heading off to the USA and said they would make an appointment to meet Paddy’s wife on their return. They never did, nor did I bother them again.
Anything to do with the Titanic was their only concern

The local divers. When it’s too rough to dive off the Co. Antrim Atlantic coast (abt.60 miles north of here) - keep in shape in more sheltered waters at Ringhaddy in Co. Down, see attached.
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