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Yep, she is still doing her thing on the harbour. Taking charter trips. When we used to fire her up, when she started making a little steam, we started up one of the Weir's pumps and took water from the bottom of the boiler and fed it into the top. Discharged the exhaust to atmospheric -made a lovely noise each stroke. Bigger ships had a Hydrokineter which did it by feeding steam into a sort of injector down low in the boiler.
In February 1975, she biffed the Blue Star Line Fremantle Star at some speed. The skipper had forgotten to switch the (electric) engine room telegraphs on when he went up top. He'd started off from the wheelhouse and went up on to the upper position. He was lining her up with the ship to pull her off the wharf and no response to twidling the telegraph. The force of the collision moved the boilers in the 'Daldy about 6 inches forward on their seats. The 'Daldy was repaired while afloat by ballasting aft. The boilers could not be moved back, so new seats were built for them, and they remain in their new position to this day. Several crew injured. She was pensioned off abut '77 and we took her over.
She's still running on the harbour and in good condition. She does charters for passengers.

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