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Seeing the drawing of the the re-designed research-vessel "Severn (?) Seas" (is that really how her name was spelled?) reminds me of the by-gone age of station-keeping pilot-cutters, many of which, with but a little conversion, would have made the most presentable of private yachts.

Many of course have done so, some Bristol Channel pilot-cutters under sail being foremost in that regard. Fast-forward half a century to the last station-keeping cutters at Liverpool, all or any of which, with a little TLC, would have made the most perfect private-yachts - within the steam/motor-powered general category. None made the grade into that market, but all were most adequately proportioned in terms of accomodation, manoeuvrability and seaworthiness. Luxury is a dreadful word, but only a little effort would have been necessary to convert the sleeping accomodation for thirty professional pilots (which was in place aboard all of the pilot-cutters mentioned) into luxurious accommodation for perhaps half of that number of private guests. En-suite, call it what you like, with hot and cold running chambermaids, the space was there.

Many were the pipe-dreams of hi-jacking a Liverpool pilot-cutter for a cruise to more favourable climes. Great is my own guilt in terms of those pipe-dreams. It never did happen. Most if not all, however, met other and no doubt more honourable ends.
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