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Originally Posted by ian keyl View Post
HI Waighty and Bob,
having been off line for a wee while and in the states for nearly a month I have not been up to date with what you have all ben saying.
Waighty ,I didn't know you were from HK and that you you knew Ian Godber ,did you know my relations there Maxwells they lived at Kings Park Rise Wylie Gardens. it was Jane and her older brother James , Ian knew them . I sailed with Ian when he joined the Valla. ,
Bob i sent you a private message saying I could not remember you then about half an hour later it clicked we were together at MAR at KIng Ted with Ian Parkes and Brian Smith from Shetland, also a lad from Jersey called Peter Brown (nickname Peanuts)I think he was with Cayzer Irvine , we celebrated his 19 birthday at Prospect of Whitby .

It all comes flooding back and got scalded in galley/pantry of the Glen Strathallen while at anchor off south end.and was taken up river by PLA surgeons Port Health launch to North Kent for treatment to ankle burns . Hope you are all well,will catch up soon. rgds Ian
Hi Ian,

Although I was from HK when I went to sea, by the time I'd finished my first trip, my folks were back in the UK! I'm afraid I didn't know the Maxwells though. I lived in Kowloon Tsai a bit north of Kings Park Rise.

I was on MAR with Jimmy Lough, Davie Cruikshank and Alan Hards from Ben Line plus a load of other reprobates from B&C and NZS - happy days. Your accident on Glen Strathallen sounded horrible. Apart from trapping myself in an unravelling 'Spanish Windlass' as a 3rd mate I managed to stay fairly accident free!
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