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Originally Posted by ian keyl View Post
My thoughts on cadets I sailed with in Ben Line, are;
David Kite(maybe Kyte) from Chingford nick name Ginger because of his curly hair and freckles. sailed with him on Valla for year and Ian Godber.
John Ferguson sailed on Wyvis from Dollar great bloke and good fun .
Pete Smith from London tall lanky guy great fun was on Valla .
Phil ----- also from London area his father had something to do with River Thames ,tugs ,Pilot ,barges!
Les Morrison from Edinburgh, ??
Keith Parkes also from HK and Ginger Hair.??
Brian Smith from Shetland , good guy plenty of fun .

The following would have been cadets earlier but were early third mates.
Willie Vangezzel Dutch and Malaysian parents spent time in Holland and out east,
Alf Bodie Big Alf also had some Dutch connection.
Jimmy Anggang from Jesselton father worked for PWD and he was from the Dyak Tribe of Borneo and were original head hunters. Hard as nuts but good fun could give reasonable hair cut if needed.
Peter Annelie from Leith great guy good fun.
Jim Taylor from Edinburgh.
Kenny Campbell from the west coast but lived in Edinburgh and worked with me in Edinburgh HQ. Good lad and fun never take on a drinking challenge.
I cannot think opf any moor at moment
Hello Ian,
Bob Goodwin here, long time no see !
I live in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand now.
After Ben Line I joined China Nav for 10 years, then spent the rest of my career offshore mostly with Swire Pacific offshore.
I met up with Alf Bodie when I was mate on a small containership the Papuan Chief, in Rabaul PNG, when he was taking over as manager of Rabaul Stevedores.
Jim Taylor also joined China Nav. and I met him over the years, the last time was in the Bass Strait we were putting a semi sub on location. He lives in Australia.
When I was on the Benstac I sailed with Dougie Macrae and Tommy Veitch, the other two cadets.
I met up with Tommy Veitch many years later when he was a harbour pilot in Tauranga NZ.
I've always wondered where Dougie Macrae ended up.

See ya,
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