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Somewhere in the deep recess of the old grey matter is a tale I heard about Dave Kite. Scene, the Cooper's Arms, Salmon Lane off Commercial Road circa mid to late 1960s. A competition (after many pints) to see who could get through an old car tyre (why?). Story has it that Dave Kite got wedged with legs and arms sticking out one way and rear end (to be polite about it) sticking out the other side. Much hilarity all round although I imagine Mr Kite was non too impressed with events.

Changing subject - John Groat was another name from that era. In 2004 I met up with him along with colleagues from Forth Ports in Edinburgh for farewell drinks at Sandy Bells before I left for Taunton for my last job to work at the Hydrographic Office for five years. Memory's a bit hazy on who else was there!
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