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Originally Posted by ian keyl View Post
now then my man how are you doing long way from the Stack of Bricks and Coopers Arms or the Prospect Of Whitby.
how the hell did they let you into NZ i would have thought you would have been first refugee they would turn back. . No doubt like all the guys in Blue Star , Port Line **** Shovel, Federal lines ,yea you met this lovely New Zealand girl her father had a big sheep farm and you fell for her .
Well Bob you seem to have done well and well done , it is great to see all your old mates from Ben Line having done well around the various parts of the world.
I am hoping to have a meeting g with John Ferguson ex master Fast Stena Catamaran Irish sea and Alex Burns who is over here from Perth OZ, JF lives in Ayr and Alex is in Renfrew , he worked for Waverley Off Shore.
Ben Line has as you may know no vessels or rigs but is know the biggest ships agency and port agent in the Far East with 150 offices.
Dougie Macrae is living in Canada and is a retired Fireman , I have been in correspondence with him a few times on this site , I cannot remember how Dougie ended up in Canada or even how he became a fireman. I want bore you with my arras as you have probably read them on this site. keep the stories coming Bob if ever over hear give us a bell keep her steady as she goes ,best regards Ian.
Great to hear from you Ian,
I never actually got married, close a couple of times but decided it wasn't for me. Did Mates and Masters in Auckland and that's how I got to stay.
When I worked offshore in Australia I saw Alex Burns a few times and also met up with him in the UK.
Talking of Ben Line Agencies, I was getting ready to tow a constuction barge from Batam in Indonesia to Fremantle a few years ago and Ben Line were the agents. I said to the young runner with the Ben Line flag prominent on his jacket that "I used to work for that company",
He looked at me quizzically and said " You are Muslim"?.
You do despair sometimes.
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