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Bob, well there you go , never been to NZ but we have on our bucket list along with OZ , talking of Ben . Mr William is still in charge but is getting ready to step down and retire. The holding company is E G Thomson his uncles original company and Williams son you Ted was there in Spore for some years but has moved on and is working in Oxford somewhere. Some of the old Ben/ BLC directors are still there out east on the board.
John Atkinson has taken over from Archie Watters who has retired from being the archivist looking after masters Chiefs and the rest of senior staff. I haven’t heard from him for a while re those who have passed on . The Last Ben down NZ way was the Reoch drilling for gas I think , she was the biggest structure to go down through the suez piggy back and longest trip . Have you any photos to post ?? Speak later all best Ian .
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