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Originally Posted by ian keyl View Post
Weighty, Regarding Dave or Ginger Kite , he was a good lad and clever but hated washing his work gear, he had a galv rebuke in the shower with about three pairs of jeans stuffed init and possibly half a packet of OMO . outward bound after the coast it ws smelling and he had left it in the corner of one of the three showers , i said to him get them out on the floor of the shower and do some treading of the grapes put them through the rough weather handle and twist them till you get all the **** and water out , repeat this and then cub with a scrubbing brush. they actually looked like oilskins thick with grease.
I then said if you cant be bothered get a heaving line put it trough each leg and heave them over the stern into the wash but remember to tie the line to the rail. that is what he did next am from dark denim to light blue and a wee bit shrunk . Ginger had found a new friend , the sea was like his mum it did his washing.
I do wish someone knew where he was , I have done the usual like most of us do on the net searching for folk.
I recall a version of the heaving line trick when in Bank Line. A similar sort of tale of a cadet on Marabank circa 1971 with no interest in washing working gear, leaving it in big sink with water and dhobi powder until the odour was rank. 3rd Engr told him about the line trick, so he threaded the gear through with an old log line and over the stern it went! 3/E told him to leave it overnight. Next morning he pulled in the line and on the end there were a few pieces of material but no full set of clean gear. He was forced to buy some in Aus.

In 1983 I joined the RMAS and one of the ABs I worked with was Alistair Fraser who had been a Ben Line cadet and when he got 2nd Mates they made him redundant. Worked his way up to marine sup't at head office until head hunted by Alexander Towing and thence to Aus with Adstream and Svitzer where he was top man in Western Australia with trips to Singapore where he met often with whichever one of Thomsons ran Ben Line Agencies- small world!
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